Picture it and Write, Blind Sight Edition


Her grace, that face

So kind to human race

The walk, the talk

Puts all in shock

Every person she sees

Is bending at knee

As she passes their way

To only brighten ones day

Words are spoken of her

All true I am sure

The one who was  chosen

From the womb unfrozen

Our Princess our pride

Known deep and wide

If I could just reach out and touch

Her hair I would clutch

The smell of the rose

Would infiltrate the nose

Oh what would be such a life

If she would become my wife

But alas she is taken

My loins will keep achin

But I will always have this

My hand did she kiss

I will always remember

That day in November

When she did look at me

With eyes the color of seas.

Now the time has passed

And this is the last

Time I will see her walk by

And look into my eyes.

Terry Shepherd



30 thoughts on “Picture it and Write, Blind Sight Edition

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  2. Interesting vision of someone leaving. It made me see the image as both coming or leaving, are we running after her, or is she waiting for us but hasn’t turned to see us. Your poem gave me a new interpretation of the image. Thanks for contributing.


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