The Gift and The Miracle

I know that it is very important to find the little things in life that are good. I also realize that there are days that I find this difficult to do. I would almost say out loud that I have a mild case of depression.

I hate the taste of those words  on my tongue when I say that but I miss my brother and I think I miss the life I once had. Although looking back the things that made me so happy are no longer here. My Dad and Mom and my family.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so different from others. While others are out drinking on Friday and Saturday nights, I am home. While others have so many dates I have none. So I look very hard for those small miracles and gifts from God. When I find them it can actually make an entire difference in my day.

I had one particular gift last week. As you all know my children’s Grandma passed a way. I was very saddened by her loss and so was surprised when I opened the door to let my family in, there was a bouquet of flowers from the funeral for me.grandma's flowers












It is so nice to have a piece of the funeral here with me to watch over and water each day. I love them.

Then on last Wednesday I had to have my three-month A-1-C test done for my Diabetes. I will go back this Wednesday for the results. They have never called me in between these two visits, but this time they called Thursday morning.

I was told that I needed to come back in on Friday and have one of the test redone. The doctor was concerned about my Potassium levels. They explained how normal levels were between 3.4 and 4.3. My level was 5.7.

I was instantly scared. I didn’t know much about Potassium except that bananas were full of them. To eat more than one banana a day is not a good thing. I began an internet search trying to discover what I had done to my eating habits that had made this raise so high.

What I learned was little. The search didn’t really say too much on foods. The ones that it did mention the P word I didn’t eat. I was I would say doing what I usually do. Leaning on me for answers instead of God.

Years ago I used to suffer bad Panic Attacks. It was so awful. I think people thought I was a nut case. I think I even believed them too. With the help of a Christian counselor I was able to overcome the worst of it. Now when I am afraid or very tired a Panic Attack can show its ugly teeth.

The nurse who drew my blood on Friday morning sort of laughed at me because when I went in to have the second draw the first words out of my mouth were,” Am I going to die?” She laughed and said no. She told me,” Ever since you have started coming here your P levels have always been on the high side. The doctor believes this may just be a part of your genes. Your levels are always at number 5.”

I got the blood draw but sweated it out all weekend long. You have to understand that the one sentence that stuck in my head during my research was death. The articles I read said that if your P levels go above 6 it can cause your heart to go nuts and cause a heart attack. Understand here that my worst fear is dying before my brother. I don’t know how I could rest peacefully knowing that he needs me and I am not here for him. So all weekend I smiled when I was around others but inside I was a wreck.

Finally last night I turned to God. I was sitting on my bed. It was around midnight. I was going through my Bible and the thought hit me out of nowhere. Pray to me for what you need.

I very seldom pray for myself. I will pray for my blogger friends who are in need. I pray for my brother constantly. I pray for my children and anyone but myself. I turned my TV off and sat in bed silent for a few minutes thinking, should I really pray for me? Isn’t that selfish?

I decided to go forward with it and so in darkness and silence I prayed for God to heal me of this P level. This morning about 9am the phone rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was the doctor’s office. I picked it up and this was the conversation.


Nurse, ” Good morning. Is this Terry?”

Me, “Yes

Nurse,” I have your lab results. You are fine. I don’t know what happened last week with your test results but this test showed normal levels. They were 4.3. You are going to be fine.”

Me, ” Oh thank-you Jesus. You don’t know how I have worried about this all weekend. I am so relieved. Thank-you so much for calling. Thank-you for the good news.”

Nurse,” You are welcome. See you on Wednesday. Bye.”

I hung up the phone and looked at the skies and said to myself, Thank-you Jesus. You are the one who told me to pray to you. I did as you asked and you answered.

Daily Prompt; Idyllic

The Brooklyn Eagle's Washington bureau office,...

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

DP,  Daily Prompt, Daily Post

The community that I would choose is small. In the middle of the town is a Vintage courthouse. If you stand close to the bricks holding all of the secrets you can hear the history softly speaking in your ear.

The giant monument would be surrounded by fluffy, soft blades of green grass. Hugging the bottom row of the foundations would be blankets of colorful wildflowers. Standing back and looking up you would see our proud American Flag waving gently down upon us.

Brick sidewalks would be on all four sides touching the entry of the door and walking you back out to the exit at the street. Antique street lamps smile upon us. Not blinding us but holding soft glows as we walk at dusk. White circular shades with dark green poles, four standing proud on each side of the building.

There would be no cars entering or exiting. Every small business would connect with bricks forming a sidewalk, stretching from store to store. Ample parking would be awaiting each visitor on the outer block. You could park and walk into a slice of untouched history.

The stores would hold a variety of businesses meant for your every need. There would be insurance companies with a home-town name. Old fashioned candy stores for the kiddies. A meat market and next to it an old-time grocer. If you wanted to stock-pile your groceries coming into the square would not be your first choice. A variety of clothing and music stores would a wait your presence. On another part of the square would be lined with antique and gift stores.

The fire station and police station would be in one building; saving on utilities and other expenses by sharing one roof.  Beside them would sit the mayor’s office. A big welcome sign would greet you as you entered. The door to the Mayor’s office was always open to anyone with concerns or wanting to stop by and invite him for Sunday dinner.

People walking the sidewalks wave and acknowledge a familiar face by stopping by to chat. Park benches would line the sidewalks every few yards in case you wanted to stop and sit a spell.

Bird feeders hanging here and there; birds stopping to nibble. Bunnies hiding in the flowers thinking about eating the new buds. Kids riding their bikes carefully. Making sure they respected their elders.

It would be a relaxing time to do business in my town. Not only could you walk to your store. You visited with your neighbors. You stopped at the food markets and purchased your supper menu. You got back in your car and as you start it to return home, you would see your reflection smiling back at you in the rear view mirror.

Kiss My ___!

I have seen it all

Over Facebook pages

Funny sayings about

Our Mother Nature

But as I sit here

Looking outside

Seeing huge snowflakes

Falling gently down

I have to admit to myself

I too, am sick of winter

It is beautiful this I know

But for heaven’s sake it’s Spring

We should have had this

Back in December

When our Christmas Day

Was green with grass

So now my white stuff listen to me

Get out of here and kiss my ___!

Bring us green once again.

Terry Shepherd