Kiss My ___!

I have seen it all

Over Facebook pages

Funny sayings about

Our Mother Nature

But as I sit here

Looking outside

Seeing huge snowflakes

Falling gently down

I have to admit to myself

I too, am sick of winter

It is beautiful this I know

But for heaven’s sake it’s Spring

We should have had this

Back in December

When our Christmas Day

Was green with grass

So now my white stuff listen to me

Get out of here and kiss my ___!

Bring us green once again.

Terry Shepherd


27 thoughts on “Kiss My ___!

  1. Terry, to be honest I’m sick and tired of the winter too .. we are up to our ankles in snow just now .. it snows a little every day – even if we had spring feeling this afternoon .. sun from clear blue sky. Bring the spring on.


  2. I have Robins, sparrows and chik a dees looking for food and I haven’t dug my feeders out from the move yet (yes, yes I know it has been a year) I have been scooping a cup full of seed and putting it on the back porch but those darn squirrels are all over it before the birds can get to it. We got 4 half inches yesterday today it is flurries with more due on Wed. Poor birds.


  3. I guess I really should not complain about the weather as much as I do considering our total snowfall for the past TWO winters wouldn’t equal a full inch! In my defense, “Spring” in the desert can be really nasty with wind and blowing dirt. There is a huge mountain range that defines our skyline and today it can’t be seen because we’re in another brownout with 45-60mph winds. It may not be freezing outside but who cares when there is only dust to inhale???

    Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! Now would be nice, please! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • One year when my real mom was still alive I went to see her in Arizona. They had one of those dust storms. It was wicked and the sand stung when it hit me. We have sun today with temps about 35


  4. The weather here is crazy. I woke up yesterday to a snowstorm, but by afternoon it was in the 40s and the snow all melted. It was supposed to snow today but so far nothing. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow and Thursday it is supposed to be a mix of snow and rain. I don’t look forward to it. It’s 36′ here now and supposed to be a high of 36′ tomorrow and 37′ the next day. Winter, winter, go away and don’t come back another day! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • that sounds like the same weather we are having. we had a few inches two days ago. today it is mainly gone. high 0f 35 today. tomorrow could see flurries and almost 40. some crazy weather for sure!


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