It is Finished!

It is Finished!

I heard this from my good friend, Whatwereyathinkin.

With the days of Easter nearing each minute, let us take time to be ever so thankful for all we have. I try so hard to look at the tiniest of things in my and Al’s life and give all thanks to God.

If I waited for the big things I would sorely be disappointed.

Please listen to this talented 7-year-old sing Amazing Grace. God bless you all through this Easter Holiday.

I Pray

Same-sex marriages Foreign same-sex marriages ...

Same-sex marriages Foreign same-sex marriages recognized △ Unions granting rights similar to marriage ▽ Unions granting limited/enumerated rights Statute bans same-sex marriage Constitution bans same-sex marriage Constitution bans same-sex marriage and other kinds of same-sex unions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the last few days gay marriage has been on the news and in talk shows. I listened and watched to the Katie show this afternoon. It had several gay families on it along with their children.

I listened intently to the reasons that gay marriage should be recognized in more if not all  states. It was heart-felt for me as I heard couples stating that they lived  the same normal lives that heterosexual families have.

I listened to them state that they want equality as regular marriages have with all the benefits of health coverage etc. I heard them profess long-term love for each other.

I heard one child state that he was pretty sure he was gay in his teens and tried to end his life.

The debate is huge and could be a large stepping stone in our century. It would bring around many changes.

I am not here to say whether it is a good thing or bad thing.  I don’t know if I can truly understand most of it since I am not gay or lesbian. I imagine love is love. Pain is pain and we all hurt in the same ways.

I pray for our country. I pray that God will allow what is good to happen in our life time. I trust that God always knows best. He knows our future as well as he knows our past. I pray for the President and the entire congress as the decisions that are about to be made are what is in all of our best interest.


Please Pray For Al

גיאגרמת התקף לב בעברית (Heart attack diagram)

Heart attack diagram

I went and ate lunch with Al, my brother. The first thing out of his mouth was I have been having chest pains for the last two days. I asked, “Did you tell the nurse?”

” Yes” he replied. I questioned him about the pains and he pointed to where they hurt. He said it felt like something was heavy but then they went a way. I asked,” How many times do you think you have had them in the past two days and have you had any pains today?”

” I think about two dozen and no, I don’t have any pains today.”

” Did you say two dozen?”

“Yes, but they don’t last long” he said.

I qued him again on how he has to ring that nurse bell when he is having any sort of pain. I don’t think he remembers. After our lunch he went on his outing with the lady. I told her what I had learned and said, “If he complains to you at all, please take him to the ER and call me.” She looked at me with big eyes.

I said, ” I am not going to ruin his outing by what ifs. If he has pain take him to the ER and call me. He says he hasn’t had any pain today so I am going to let him go.”

She looked at me but went ahead and took him. In my opinion she is trained to handle all emergencies. Why should he sit at the facility and just wait.

Al has had a heart attack and has blockages today that aren’t bad. He also has angina. We just went through this about a year ago. I get concerned for two reasons. It has been five years since his heart attack. Repairs on a heart last about five years. Al doesn’t use the call bell often because he forgets.

Something could happen before he realizes or understands to get the call light. I have alerted the nurse to my concerns. They are now on guard to question him several times each day for a while. If there is concerns they are to send him straight to the ER and call me.

I have done the best I can with what knowledge I have. In the back of my mind I am hoping and praying it is not the new Pain Patch. It is super strong and one of the many side-effects is messing with the heart. I don’t want him to lose the patch as it has taken a lot of his pain a way. He can still walk for several feet. He uses his wheelchair part way down the hall. When he gets to the nurses’ station, he switches his wheel chair to the walker and then walks the other half down to the dining room.

Now I come to you because in numbers prayer is strong. Please pray for Al. I don’t know exactly which or what to pray for, so I am praying for Al to remain safe.