Please Pray For Al

גיאגרמת התקף לב בעברית (Heart attack diagram)

Heart attack diagram

I went and ate lunch with Al, my brother. The first thing out of his mouth was I have been having chest pains for the last two days. I asked, “Did you tell the nurse?”

” Yes” he replied. I questioned him about the pains and he pointed to where they hurt. He said it felt like something was heavy but then they went a way. I asked,” How many times do you think you have had them in the past two days and have you had any pains today?”

” I think about two dozen and no, I don’t have any pains today.”

” Did you say two dozen?”

“Yes, but they don’t last long” he said.

I qued him again on how he has to ring that nurse bell when he is having any sort of pain. I don’t think he remembers. After our lunch he went on his outing with the lady. I told her what I had learned and said, “If he complains to you at all, please take him to the ER and call me.” She looked at me with big eyes.

I said, ” I am not going to ruin his outing by what ifs. If he has pain take him to the ER and call me. He says he hasn’t had any pain today so I am going to let him go.”

She looked at me but went ahead and took him. In my opinion she is trained to handle all emergencies. Why should he sit at the facility and just wait.

Al has had a heart attack and has blockages today that aren’t bad. He also has angina. We just went through this about a year ago. I get concerned for two reasons. It has been five years since his heart attack. Repairs on a heart last about five years. Al doesn’t use the call bell often because he forgets.

Something could happen before he realizes or understands to get the call light. I have alerted the nurse to my concerns. They are now on guard to question him several times each day for a while. If there is concerns they are to send him straight to the ER and call me.

I have done the best I can with what knowledge I have. In the back of my mind I am hoping and praying it is not the new Pain Patch. It is super strong and one of the many side-effects is messing with the heart. I don’t want him to lose the patch as it has taken a lot of his pain a way. He can still walk for several feet. He uses his wheelchair part way down the hall. When he gets to the nurses’ station, he switches his wheel chair to the walker and then walks the other half down to the dining room.

Now I come to you because in numbers prayer is strong. Please pray for Al. I don’t know exactly which or what to pray for, so I am praying for Al to remain safe.

63 thoughts on “Please Pray For Al

  1. Father in Heaver, you are Jehovah Rapah and we come to you humbly, lifting Al and hus condition. Touch him with your healing hand and give him the clarity of mind he needs to at least recognize the pain and his need for someone’s help. We bring to you the personnel around Al for wisdom and strength as they tend to their patients and Al. Renew Terry’s strength and give her the energy, wisdom and resources as she continues to care for Al. Bless their relationship and help them go through their daily routine, they will overcome and be victorious in the mighty name of Jesus. All glory be to God. Amen.


  2. You bring up a point that is so important for the public to understand: those with cognitive decline are not always able to express what is going on with themselves – just as your brother did not announce that he had been having heart pains. As you said, he didn’t even think to use the call light – and certainly may not even know how to use it.

    Here’s another type of communication restriction: Oftentimes those with dementia quite frequently become extremely depressed and are not able to effectively talk about how they feel (emotionally and perhaps spiritually), and therefore they retain that heavy mantle of mental distress upon their shoulders with no outlet for relief. Imagine being trapped in a body, in a mind, that has no way of adequately expressing itself. We can’t imagine it, but people like Al live it every day.

    You are a great advocate for your brother Terry. Keep it up and keep his caregivers on their toes.


  3. Heavenly father we come to you today with a great need that only You as the great Healer can help with. We ask that your healing hands reach out and touch Al from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Father we know you are the great physician and that you can heal Al if that be your will, if this is not your plan Lord then we ask that you thouch him in the way he needs according to your plan and purpose and God we ask that you give Terry strength to continue her unselfish unconditional love and care for Al. In Your son Jesus name we stand on our faith Father and thank you and Praise you for this healing Amen and Amen.


  4. I add my prayer to all of the others. May the angels surround Al to protect him and the Holy Spirit guide his caregivers. I also pray that Al will experience the comfort of the Lord and be free from fear. And I pray for you that you will be encouraged in the Lord and know the peace of God that passes all understanding. May God’s will be done and His name be glorified through Al’s life.


  5. I will put Al on my “Mi Shebeirach” list. This is a traditional, Hebrew prayer we use for the sick. We aren’t a converting religion (so don’t worry!), but if you are interested, you can find beautiful songs featuring it on YouTube sung by Debbie Friedman. Soul stirring and she can make my eyes water. I enjoy learning about other cultures, so just thought I’d pass it on. I do hope your brother will get through this, too.

    You’re both in my thoughts and prayers…
    Alisa x


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  7. I hope this comment finds Al feeling better, but I always pray for both of you.
    I know I haven’t been here since before my surgery,but I am still here. I have a lot to catch up on, so if you don’t see many comments from me, just know that I am reading, just maybe not commenting on everything.
    prayers continue always.


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