This Is My Hope

Circle in the Sand

If we pretend to be

Something for your eyes to see

But then when we are all alone

We know we are not cloned

We must not hide our thoughts

Nor pretend we forgot

What truly fits our name

We must not play the game

Don’t ever be afraid

To show what God made

My thoughts are mine

And yours are divine

We are allowed to stand up tall

Never leaning into the wall

Stepping out in faith

Walking through human race

With joy in our heart

But never apart

We remain as common ground

We circle and come around

Giving hope to others

Grieving with our brothers

Treating them as we

Hope to be treated by thee

Put forth the work

Don’t be a jerk

Don’t be unkind

Let peace be in our mind

This is my hope I am proud to say

That we come together in this small way.

Terry Shepherd


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