Bright Skies

King Eddie's Restaurant, 1954

This morning I awoke to no snow. I saw blue skies with a touch of pink in the horizons. A good sign of a nice day. It is to be 45 degrees today, a real taste of Spring.

I already have had my shower and my first cup of coffee. I had to get up early today. In about an hour or so I have to go pick-up Al. The transportation driver had too many appointments so I said I would pick him up. He has an appointment with the neurologist.

He  hasn’t seen Al for about six months. He is still Al’s doctor, but doesn’t stay actively involved any longer. All medications have been tried for Parkinson’s Disease. For some reason they never worked for Al. Instead he would have terrible tremors and drool like a kid in a candy store.

He has fought this disease with no help from PD drugs. He has remained on pain pills to try to lessen the symptoms. He and I are still waiting for word to see if he gets to come home and go to Day Program.

It would be so good for him to regularly associate with men and women his age and with disabilities like his. For this I would be grateful. The spirit of the mind plays a big part of an illness I believe. I received a call last evening stating the facility  now has  Nitrogen for Al. They will use this for pains for his Angina. This could save his life if he is actually  having heart problems and help steady his body until he reaches the ER.

I didn’t tell Al that I plan to take him out to lunch after the appointment. I will let him choose where he goes but I bet he says his favorite little place. Today we shall take his wheelchair. With having to walk from the facility to the car and into the doctor’s office and back out and lunch, I don’t think he will make it.

I had questioned him yesterday when I saw him. I asked if he wanted to use his walker or wheelchair and he requested the wheelchair. He told me he can’t walk that far without accumulating more pain. I figured this but I wanted him to have the choice to choose.

So today hopefully it will be a nice day for him and I. Sun, a little warmer a doctor who makes a lot of jokes during our visits and lunch out. Al will probably be worn out and take a nice nap when I return him.

23 thoughts on “Bright Skies

    • I showed Al the big plant as we were driving through GA to come home. I didn’t know about the underground. I wish I could take him but I don’t think he could take the trip


  1. Terry,

    Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. You visited my blog 9and I’m glad that you did!) and left a comment that didn’t say anything. i’m glad that you stopped by! I see in Bright Skies a possible future for me. I’m currently at an early level of medicating my Parkinson’s (I’m taking Azilect(rasagiline) and while it hasn’t stopped the tremors completely, it’s allowed me to come back from wherever I’d gone(according to my loving wife). Thank you for sharing with us all!



    • my brother could never take any of the PD medications. It tripled his tremors and made him drool like a baby. Now we have had more news yesterday. The PD has entered his chest cavity and is attacking the muscles in the lining through tremors. His heart was bouncing off the walls.This just makes me sick. I am so thankful that your medications are working my friend. Please stop by again. I need a friends who understand


    • Oh thank-you very much Sheri for a kind comment. I am having family here today but I did all the prep work yesterday. I plan on being laid back and enjoying the day. This is my gift to myself, smiling and good company. Happy Easter my friend.


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