Until Never More

English: Start of a long road

Last night I had dreams or some

May call them nightmares

Wicked things of death

But with no names

I tried my best to

Stay so busy today

But now it is dark

And I am alone

Sitting here with my thoughts

And I touch my cheeks

And I feel the warmth of tears

Falling gently from my eyes

You are still here for me to see

But my mind is preparing me

For something I don’t want to face

I want you to know

That you mean the world to me

Made from the same genes

I am your sister

You are my brother

How can one go on

Without the other

I can’t know your pain

But I feel your heart

When I look into your eyes

And you are begging me why

Is this happening to me

I can only look at you bud

And tell you I love you

I will always love you

And be here until

There is never more.

Terry Shepherd


24 thoughts on “Until Never More

  1. Heart wrenching. There is nothing like the bond between a brother and a sister. You are your brother’s keeper until the end. Not everyone takes on the responsibility. My mother watched her brother struggle with addiction for years until he overdosed and died in this early 30s. Then, it happened to my one of my brothers, who doesn’t live near me or anyone. He was strange on the phone and I didn’t see him for years. We both flew to our brother’s wedding back home and he had the pinprick eyes and emaciated body and I knew. I asked why he had sores on his face and didn’t let up. It took months of fighting with my father and twisting his arm to pay for the treatment center I found and by then my brother had gone missing in LA. I was a wreck. My mother sat and did nothing again. Someone found him and he gave up and went and has been clean for 3 years or so and doing great, but he’s young. However, I am my brother’s keeper until the end, as well.


    • it is so heartbreaking for family to feel so helpless watching the pit our families have fallen into. We pray we do everything in our power to save others. We are as Jesus was when he walked the earth. He wanted to save us so bad from the pits of hell that he let others mock and stone him and the final being hung to the cross to die. You and I are the same today, doing what we have to at all expense to save another human soul. Big hugs to you


      • Hugs to you too, but I have to remind you that I’m Jewish, so no Jesus in my religion as we predate Christianity by thousands of yrs. No worries, I grew up across from a big Catholic church and had friends of all religions! I don’t care as long as people are tolerant. As this week is Passover (our holiday commemorating our exodus from Egypt), I’ll wish my Christian friend a very Happy Easter. 🙂


  2. Do not fear death Terry, it is but the ending of pain and sorrow and the beginning of hope and renewal. The loss is just temporary and will soon be over, all our time on earth is limited. God bless you my friend, He died so that our life here has renewal, Al is one of the innocents and those who have ignored him and abused him will face their own judgement.


      • That is always the balance isn’t it Terry? We know they will be without pain and yet we will miss them terribly. It is hard but the hope helps. I feel so sorry for those who don’t know Him and have no hope or faith. To believe that it is the end and there is nothing more. How terrible the pain is. I have days where I wish for an ending of my own pain and then I feel guilt at knowing that my family would feel pain while mine would be gone. God bless you my friend!


      • There have been times that I have wished my brother could just be lifted up into God’s arms, and then I feel so much guilt. Why would I wish him to leave this earth early? Because I love him so much and do not wish for him to suffer any longer. Then other days I will cling to the smallest of threads


  3. The passing of our loved ones is always so hard, the death itself means they are no longer suffering the atrocities here on earth they are free, when we as the left behind mourn for our own loss, our own pain of not having them. It is a terrible emotion and feeling to go through but Terry please realize you have and are doing all the right things now and when Al has gone home to our Father he will give you strength to cope without him from up there. He will be loooking out for you. Love and hugs my friend all weill be well (((xx))) God bless you both.


  4. Continue to lean upon Jesus…”I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). The prophet Isaiah told the nation of Israel and the entire world of Jesus Christ and His kingship some 700 years before the Lord’s birth, (see Isaiah Chp. 53).

    You need not make apologies to any other religious group when they have refused to believe in Christ as the Son of God and Savior of man. Believe on Him and follow His gospel. May God help any others who do not believe this to see His light from their darkness!


    • I have my friends here and my grown children but above all I lean on God because he is the only way……………..I hope that all see the right path in time. Thanks for the great comment Food! I really appreciate what you have said


      • What a beautiful way of putting things! It is not ours to judge anyone. But I do not hesitate to present the word of God through the gospel of Christ at any time. And I won’t make any apologies for standing with the truth…

        It is our job to sow seeds, and God’s job to give the increase. Your faith is uplifting to us all!

        And please, call me “Skip.”

        Take care…


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