To Dream

Hand In Hand


To dream to be able to heal

To wipe the tears and sorrows

And bring hope to the world

For a better tomorrow.

To take a way all sickness

To take frowns and turn them to smiles

To walk this earth barefoot and naked

To be accepted for us just for a while.

For wherever we roam

Through what ever door we walk through

We can walk in with our heads held high

You will greet me and I will talk to you.

For each of us to have our individuality

To be able to say as we feel

Would be such an honor

And our mask we would peel.

We are here to love and be loved

To heal broken hearts and minds

To walk together step in step

Our lives becoming entwined.

This is my wish for the world for today

My friends and visitors who pass my way

To put fighting and blasphemy aside for a while

As we walk together mile after mile.

Terry Shepherd


27 thoughts on “To Dream

  1. Strong, sad … and powerful thoughts. Fantastic poem. Understand that it’s your thoughts … the the song is one of my favorite .. and I love when Andy Williams sings it.


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  4. Perfect timing for me to read this beauty. I’d like to send this to my intolerant enemy on WP at this very moment, but they would never understand it. Good riddance! I feel change is always possible if we act on our thoughts and don’t standby gawking at injustice. That’s why I did what I did last night. MLK said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” That’s been my mantra for years

    A x


    • that is an excellent quote. When the feeling enters my mind I think this is my perfect timing to act up on it! I am glad I was able to send this to you at the precise moment! Hello my friend!!!!


      • Thanks! Many of my favorite quotes come from Dr. King and from Cesar Chavez, who worked for the rights of Latino farm workers in CA and the SW–worth Googling. A humble man who was a farm worker himself. Before I got sick, I worked in non-profit program administration, primarily running programs in the projects for at-risk youth and even in the prisons! It was my passion and I miss it–so I fight injustice whenever I see it like always. Goodnight my friend! I’m on my vampire schedule. 🙂


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