If I Was Younger I Would Become a Neurologist

Tremors (TV series)

I am exhausted. I didn’t do any work today and this is why I am so tired. Instead at the crack of dawn I answered the phone. It was the nurse saying Al didn’t feel well. He was cold and clammy and was having chest pains.

Did I want to send him to the ER? Um, let me open my eyes and get my brain thought process going. What do you think? Do you think he needs to be sent in?

I really received no satisfaction so I asked her to ask Al if he wanted me to come in to see him and he said yes. I hurried and got dressed and grabbed my medicine to take with me. I figured I would just take it with a glass of water at the facility and find something to nibble on somewhere.

When I got there Al did not look good. His face was pale. He told me he felt light-headed. He also said he didn’t eat supper last night because he didn’t feel good. Then he changed it to a little bit he ate but not much, so not sure on the supper deal. The nurse didn’t seem to know anything about this.

He stated his heart was beating really fast. He was cold and clammy and his BP was 172/90. Not extreme but a big enough signal for me to ask Al if he wanted to go to the ER and he said yes.

The EMS came and got him and I left first sneaking into the gas station to buy a bottle of water and a nasty pre-packaged turkey sandwich. I ignored the tough bread and ate the turkey out of it.

Off I went to the hospital. The EMS and I met each other there. I watched them carry Al inside and then I popped my body in the waiting area. They made me wait until they got him comfortable. That is a new word for me. I don’t remember Al being comfortable for at least a year or so, but nice thought.

The nurses and doctors were disagreeing about what was wrong with him. Some said his heart, others said it was the tremors mimicking a heart attack. As before when I was there, the machine was all over the place.

Two or three nurses would come in at a time and check the sounding alarm and say, “Don’t worry, it is just his tremors.” When I told the doctor that we were here two weeks ago and the heart monitor showed his heart going clear up to 250 he told me that was impossible. I said, ” I saw it with my own eyes.”

“He would be dead if his heart beat went that high.”

“I don’t know, I am not the doctor. I just know what the numbers were saying.”

They did a Cat Scan on him to make sure his fall hadn’t damaged his head in some way. Seeing the band aid over his eye and forehead from the rug burn he acquired in the bathroom on the tile floor. It is a doozy too, let me tell you. Nice and long and looks like a rug burn for sure.

Al went from clammy to soaking wet and each time he did this his chest would hurt. The staff seemed to be stumped. They said it wasn’t his heart but they gave him baby aspirin and admitted him.

Now he is staying over nite and they are documenting and monitoring his heart. They gave him some more baby aspirin. He continued to get clammy and soaked from sweat up until I left.

His heart doctor is to be there in the morning and they are going to see if his neurologist will come in also. I don’t know what is going on. The last doctor I talked to was the admitting doctor. My grandmother was just nuts about him. I remember her speaking so highly of him for many years

He told me,” It may not be his heart causing the great fluctuation but it sure is wearing his heart down. We need to see if there is some way to calm his body down of those tremors. His heart will be exhausted at this stage of the disease.”

I had argued this point with the ER doctors before when I questioned them about the wear and tear on his heart from the massive tremors. They always stated that it was not his heart. But here is a doctor that says it is making the heart work so much harder trying to cope with the tremors. Since he is a heart patient it is going to make the heart tired.

I was exhausted so when Al wanted to go to sleep I came home. I told them to call me for anything, because I love him. Call me even in the middle of the night. They told me Al was one lucky guy to have such a loving sister. I said, “He is my brother, I could react in no other way.” They smiled and I came home and napped.

50 thoughts on “If I Was Younger I Would Become a Neurologist

  1. It’s always odd, “Liking” articles when the content is so sad, frustrating – anything but likable. But I wanted to “Like” it so that you know that I’m just one of many who care about you, and care about Al. Tomorrow has to be a better day – right?


    • I am, I can’t believe on how little I have been on the internet since I came home from the hospital. I am just tired but u r right. He is in the hospital, a good place


  2. Sometimes in order to get a Dr. to listen, you have to make a big stink. I did that for my Grandma and my hollering even brought Hospital Security(I think I frightened the old guy). But she did get a new Dr., and he took away half of the meds the other Dr. had her on and imagine that, all of her symptoms went away. She was just fine for another 5 years.

    There has to be some way they can calm him down. Some of these Dr’s don’t care enough, they just want the people shoved through the assembly line so they can make their Ferrari payment.


    • man I hate to admit it but you are exactly right. It is like a line of men,,,,,,,next, gone!!! hopefully they will find him something that works before he dies of a heart attack


  3. I am holding you and Al in my prayers Terry! God bless you and get some rest. He is in good hands and the best you can do for him right now is take care of yourself!


  4. Thinking of you both, Terry. It is hard to be in a hospital and it is hard to be a visitor in a hospital. Bring your own snacks when you visit so you don’t have to be able to get away to find something to eat. Remember to take care of yourself while you watch over Al’s care. He needs you to be healthy. 🙂


  5. If I had known I would get a disabling, genetic connective tissue disorder in my 20s, I would have become a physician like others in my family and not wasted my education and career in non-profit, helping ingrates! Ha! I know you are frustrated, but glad you got that admitting doctor you like. A good doc is hard to find these days. Disease is complex, hence the term disease process. My disease led to my corneal disease/vision loss, yet I had no clue as I was misdiagnosed and I, yes I, put the stupid puzzle together and saw a geneticist after 12 yrs. Keep fighting, Terry–and keep standing up to the worthless docs and nurses who don’t get it. I do it every single week for myself. Sigh…. So sick of it! Feeling for you tonight…

    Hang in there… Alisa


  6. Stay strong my friend by taking care of yourself, with rest, nutrition and meds. For you are Als wonderful sister and advocate and he needs you and you him. I am reaching out with wide open arms to give you this hug ((((~)))) ! get some rest my friend and know that if Al could be anywhere at this moment the hospital is exactly wheree he belongs. Perhaps the fresh eyes of the Drs can also help with the goings on at the facility, (rug burn , seriously, when there are no rugs in his room ? hmmmm) Love and prayers my dear one.


  7. Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray that You give Al’s doctors wisdom to know how to treat him, and make him as comfortable as possible. I pray also, Father, that You would be with Al, and that You would draw him to You and envelop him with Your perfect peace that passes all understanding. Reveal Yourself to Al, Lord, and let him know and believe that You care for him, that You are with him, and that You will never leave him or forsake him. In Jesus’ name, Lord, I speak peace over the tremors, just as Jesus did in the midst of the storm… I Jesus’ name, I say to the tremors, “Peace, be still.”

    Lord, I also ask You to watch over Terry. Strengthen her and give her wisdom to make the correct decisions regarding her brother Al, and let her keep her eyes fixed on You, the Only One who is truly able to help.

    Father, it is in Jesus’ precious name, that name above all names, that I pray and ask these things, amen.


  8. I like that you write about your worries and frustration .. I think it’s good that you get it out of your system, we listen … It could be that he is getting a cold or something .. and they have given me baby aspirin too, they work quicker than normal aspirin. Hopefully he will get a calm night and the same goes for you. Tomorrow will have a new start … I love that you told them as you about being Al’s sister. Hope you really get a good nights sleep. I feel so deeply for your both.


    • I slept better than what I thought I would. I only woke up three times with dreams. Al slept very little. He is exhausted. I hope he gets more sleep now that he is back in his bed at the facility. Love and hugs Viveka


  9. computer has been down about a week…and just have so much time on the one at the library…
    so have probably gotten behind on some of your post…sorry Al is having these feelings…and it always amazes me that They…the doctors …have no idea what it is…
    best to you!…mkg


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