A love letter to the IRS

Do you have a relationship with your IRS?

something poetic

Dear Ms. IRS Employee,

Grazing through the news fodder of another day, I noticed a memo from your supervisor’s office, claiming that your agency may be reading my emails, checking my personal records, and even following my habits. It is with this in mind that I have written to you, in hopes that you will read this and we can be  friends…or maybe something more.

You see, for years I have suspected that you have had some romantic interest in me. Your office has- on occasion- sent copious amounts of correspondence  to remind me of our “on again-off again” relationship in the past. And, while I admit, I was flattered, I never really believed that such an important person could find me so attractive. After all, I usually only file a standard 1040 form.

But then you started paying closer attention to me. You reminded my accountant that the two…

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Today’s Visit With Al

crying emoticone

If fear wasn’t so strong

I think I would take off

For a little trip

On an island somewhere

All alone away from all

The visit with Al

Was too much to bear

His pain was at an all

Time high his cries

Never stopped and it

Was breaking my heart

I was told he has

Lost seven pounds this week

And  this caused

My heart to race

And it felt like it skipped beats

I helped him all I could

But I ended up doing no good

I cried with him for

The first time today

Our hearts were joined

In searing pain holding

Onto life with trembling hope

I helped him to lie down

After lunch and then the potty

His crying never stopped

As he told me words

That I understood

Please Terry take me home

I want to be with you

I choked and trembled

As he shook my roots of strength

I sat down on the bed

Beside him and grabbed

His hands placing them in mine

I told him that I promised

I was working as fast as I can

That I would have him back

Where he belonged

Then he looked at me one more time

And I could barely hear

The words he strained to tell me

Please don’t let me die in here………….

Terry Shepherd