#FWF Free Write Friday; It was a Dark and Stormy Night


tornado-landscape1free-write-friday-kellie-elmoreI remember it was a warm Spring day. Mama had been making a point to tell us she didn’t remember ever a day like this so early in the season.

I was sitting under the kitchen table playing with my toys. I loved to play under here. It was like my very own private playground.

No one could touch me, see me or yell at  me. I could play quietly and listen to all the gossip my Mama had always told me never to do.

I felt the natural breezes coming through the window. The gentleness of it must have lured me into sleepy land because I don’t really remember taking a nap without being told to.

A crash startled me awake. The perfect glass was now  shattered on the floor. Bits and pieces sparkled in front of my eyes as I sat up wondering what had happened. I tried to crawl out from under the table but a voice above me told me to remain still for just a second.

The breeze that had once blanketed me with peace was now roaring as a dragon opening his mouth to let me know he was mad as hell. Tears started to stream down my cheeks. I was afraid. My body trembled as I knew I was to obey Mama and not move.

I could hear slamming of window frames. I could hear voices yelling commands. This was serious  no matter what it was. I had never heard Mama or Papa ever use this tone in their voice.

As the fear raged inside of me I looked down at the wetness streaming down my pants. I tried scooting over just a little bit so Mama wouldn’t notice that I had disobeyed. I scrunched myself into a ball and tried hiding  underneath one of the kitchen chairs.

Just as I squeezed myself in a hand reached down and grabbed my shirt dragging me quickly out from under the chair. The chair fell over on its side but it was ignored as Papa tucked me in his arms and we ran out of the house.

Outside the winds were tearing at Papa. He was having trouble keeping his footing and once he almost dropped me, but he was my Papa and he caught me in time drawing me closer to his chest. He tucked his jacket around me and I was safe in his cocoon.

I could hear Mama yelling, “My babies, are the dogs and the cats going to be safe? Will they find cover? Did you grab everything Papa?”

Soon a door was pushed open and it was so heavy I could feel the earth under us vibrate. After everyone was safe inside Papa pulled the door closed and darkness came over us. I tried to adjust my eyes but I couldn’t see anything.

The smell of my parents kept me safe though. They loved me and wouldn’t let anything hurt me. Mama had always promised this.

Gusts of winds rattled the hinges on the door. I sat very still on the blanket Papa had placed me on. I could hear nothing but the loud pounding of my heart. Silence only lasted a few moments when I heard what sounded like a train whistle coming closer and closer.

I heard big tree branches cracking. It sounded like it was right next to me. I scooted closer to Mama and buried my head in her lap. She placed her arms around me and said,”It is alright child. It is Spring and God is cleaning up the dirt that has been laying around all winter. You are safe my dear little one.”

These were the best words I ever heard in all my life. Today I still  hear these words when I visit Mama at her grave. Even now she is still watching out over me. I can feel her love as I touch where she now lays.

The weatherman says it is going to be a bad day to go outside. The temperatures are warm and the winds are breezy. As I walk back from Mama’s grave I call out to my dogs and cats. I think back to that day when the breezes came in through the perfect window panes and I played under the table with my toys.

It’s alright Mama. I have all the pets inside and I am ready for the onset of Spring Tornadoes.

38 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday; It was a Dark and Stormy Night

  1. Great writing, Terry … was out in a tropical storm while visiting New Orleans 2 year before Katrina – and that was enough for me. Isidore. Nature can be frightful.


    • the weather is one thing no one controls but yet we indirectly control it by our smog which makes holes in the atmosphere causing catastrophies here on earth. the earth is tilted also and now are weather seems to be so messed up. just like here in April we are getting snow predictions for tomorrow


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      • Reading things like this makes me want to do better. Just re read my comment, though, and what I meant it to say is I don’t read others before I write so I’m not influenced. *sigh* Obviously needed more coffee. lol Keep up the good work. I look forward to more. 🙂


  3. I loved the subtle touches to the writing of the story, how you teased out the detail of the build up, actions, reactions, consequence, and closure. A vibrant and true weaving of a tale in life.


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