Daily Prompt; The Satisfaction of a List


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Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza
in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to
happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

I can think of two things that will never die and never grow old. I am sure there are many lists but you know me, write the first thing that pops up in my head.

Greed will never go out of style.

Why should it? The more that God is taken out of the public, the stronger Satan becomes. He has such sneaky ways of making us believe that we need. Do you ever go to the store and purchase something that wasn’t on the list? Did you buy something and then when you arrived home you asked yourself why did I do that?

Satan works behind the scenes. He works through the speaker systems at the stores. The music is calming and it helps you to relax. Maybe you dream a little while walking down the aisles. Maybe the bills sitting at home get tossed temporarily from your mind.

Look at the colors around us when we shop. Bright, starry, sparkly all new. Makes us feel like a new person, reborn from poor to riches. As I posted last week, stores are organized so you see the most expensive items at eye level.

What about the fancy cars on TV? Sex and speed and popularity are wrapped around the car. Try turning the volume down one time and see how you feel about that same car being advertised.

Look at the weight loss gimics. We all know the only true way under normal conditions is to eat according to our activity and get all the basic foods in each day. But you can spend $300.00 to have pre-made foods sent to your home. Or you can spend hundreds on personal trainers to look like you did 30 years ago.

I’m not saying it is bad to look your best, but at what price are we willing to get there? Don’t think for one moment that Satan isn’t messing with you on those thoughts. Weigh want and need in each hand, which comes out the heaviest?

The second thing that will never go out is sex.

Sex has been around since Adam and Eve. I believe that we were created to spread God’s word and to populate the earth. Where has it gone from that day?  I can’t talk too much about times I haven’t  lived in but I can talk about what my  family has said about sex.

Pregnancy before marriage was a big no-no. We would have been shamed and even sent a way until the baby was born. Now in young as elementary schools pregnancy occurs. What happened to the family value. One husband, one wife, til death do us part. Having children and raising them together. The father was the head of the house. Children were taught from right and wrong at an early age.

Teens knew that if they wanted something they had to work for it. Women never gave themselves on the first or second date. For one they knew their parents would be so upset and two young ladies respected themselves.

Today it is gone. Respect has been tossed out the window. Sex now is considered a way of getting to know the partner better. I have even been asked to sleep with someone so that he knew for sure if we were compatible in the relationship.

How dare he? Sex is the icing on the cake. Do we spend more time in bed having sex or do we spend more time working? Sex takes little time. Working on a relationship takes years. Children are born today without two parents many times. Some don’t even know who the fathers are.

It is sad today but when I look at what I wrote, I think I could combine greed and sex together and place Satan at the top.

These are my thoughts only for this prompt. I am not pointing fingers at anyone. I do not know your personal lives. Please do not take offense.

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; The Satisfaction of a List

  1. I had no idea that store items were organized by price at eye level.. I guess i need to go to dollar tree more often. 🙂 Ugh.. don’t get me started on those weight loss ads.. my work is getting into it by discounting healthy items and raising the price of “junk food”.. on one hand it’s a great idea on the other I just want to scream. I get it.. they went “smoke free” so in theory we would pay less for health insurance.. but now they are pushing this healthy eating thing and it’s okay in small doses.. but I’m wondering how long is it going to take before they want to weigh everyone and charge you more for insurance because you are overweight? sorry.. i’ll get off my soapbox. it’s a pet peeve of mine. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, don’t tell me how to live mine.


  2. Loved the post.

    I agree, Greed will never go out of style.And to me this is because the Home Sapien species is fundamentally wired to be selfish and self preservative.While there does exist significant downside to this , much of civilisational and technological progress also has something to do with this wiring.

    So, if we were to accept the above premise, what could we do going forward?



    • I wish I had the perfect answer but for me, I double check my thoughts when I am shopping. I look for a cheaper product, I ask myself if I really need it. this helps me a lot but it takes discipline, and usually people just pick things up and put them in the cart. plus praying before entering the store could not hurt


  3. Personally I think sex is a big part of a relationship … if the sex doesn’t work, the relationship will not work neither, equal to friendship and partnership … all framed by deep feeling and love.


    • Wow you sure placed alot on the table to think about.. you are so correct in all of your points I am going to reblog this. Now I have to comment on vivekas comment. Relationships based on love, mutual respect, trust and communication work very very well without sex. sex is an expression of love between a married couple but it is not the end all be all of any relationship, a relationship built on the above mentioned can and does survive quite well without the intimacy of ‘sex’.


      • Thanks for commenting on my replay …. Interesting view that sex is only for married couple.
        I have never been married by choice…. But I had loads of sex and I’m a shame over it. It’s in our nature and gens to wanting to have sex. It doesn’t make me any different to what married woman desire.
        I’m sure there is marriages and relationships that works without sex


      • I am sorry you were not married by choice, doesn’t seem right in my world but I know it happens sadly. I did not mean to offend you by what I said only give you a different perspective as you painted with a wide brush a statement that was not factual. Many relationships CAN and DO exist with out sex for whatever the circumstances. the sexual act is only one small part of loving, respecting and being committed to the relationship when the ability to have that intimacy is gone then the love etc can and does go on the relationship does not fail If by some chance it fails then it was not based on true commitment to the union. And yes I believe in god and his word that we should be joined by matrimony. I believe the consequences of sex outside of marriage or with multiple partners has dire consequences in the long run. Again did not mean to offend just giving anothr opinion. God Bless and keep you.


      • Thanks for your long replay … married is not for everybody .. and nobody has proven to me that it works, not any of my friends are married to the same partner today.
        So stand and lie in the church or where ever we get married – to love a person until death do us part and 3 years later the fairytale is over. At least I haven’t promised anything I maybe can’t keep.
        We all are different and that is a good thing, there is no right or wrong in love. I don’t have a fait or beliefs in God like you have and I think it’s fantastic that you have your faith.
        There is a place for all of us … nothing to do with faith, sexual differences, religion and skin color. We all have a place on earth. You take care … too.


      • Only one race my dear it is the “HUMAN RACE” and that is what makes this world we live in so wonderful, the diversity of cultures and beliefs unfortunately that also brings about hatred and wars…there is a price to everything isn’t there? thank you for this lively exchange it has brought a smile to my face. I hope you someday find peace, love and joy if that is what you need. God Bless.


      • Pleasure, talking to you … after I was cancer diagnosed I found most of my peace, but I have been a very harmonic person during my adult life, had to find and create the harmony that my childhood didn’t have.
        Take care .. and hope to meet you again.


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