Courage of a Bird

red birdI saw this one single bird

Sitting alone watching

For his turn to go

To the bird feeder

I thought of his patience

As I was on my own way

To see Al today

I was not surprised

That he was still suffering

Pain has once again

Become red like

The color of this bird

I ask God to help Al

To have courage

To stand alone

As this beautiful

Creature is also doing

For his time is coming

Where he will also

Be able to feast

And enjoy the comfort

Of sitting in his new  home

Smiling and dancing

To the music of

Hearing God’s voice

And I know that he will

One day stand strong

And alone with no help

And he will look down

Through the clouds

And wave to me

I will see a big smile

On his face and as

I make out what his

Lips are forming

I can see with no doubt

That his words are

Saying I made it sis

I made it……………

Terry Shepherd







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