Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in We...

Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in Wellesley, just after the halfway mark 

I am sitting here still taking in my brain  what happened to those people in the Boston Marathon. It breaks my heart and shakes my nerves. It makes me fear and it makes me want to race through the streets.

I can vision myself in easy clothes running from block to block, street to street. Save yourself, save yourself. Quit what ever you are doing this minute and get on falling knees and accept the Lord as your own. Don’t get lost in the crowds. Don’t be the followers, be the leaders.  Help me spread the word. Save yourself, save yourself.

I can’t get this out of my mind as I sit here helpless as those suffering are being cared for. I can’t help but know inside my heart this will not stop. It is promised that the world will get worse. There will be more sadness, more murders, more robberies, more bombs, more false prophets.

The world will be over come by Satan if we do not change our ways and lean only on the Lord Jesus Christ. You are wrong if you think you have time. We are not guaranteed the next breath.

As these guests are speaking on the Katie Show they were standing casually waiting for the runners to arrive. In a blink of an eye their lives were shaken out from beneath of them. There was no time to think, only instincts kicked in, while white smoke and glass and limbs were torn from bodies. Bones sticking out, blood pouring out. The smell of sulphur and death lingering near by.

If these people waiting for loved ones and the children of schools innocently sitting in class and movie goers enjoying a leisurely time out can be put into a different scenario in one second, than how fast can God come to us out of the clouds?

Oh Lord I come to you on bended knee. I pray for those in the Boston Marathon tragedy. I pray for the parents who are still suffering from the school shootings. You have warned us of these things to come and I pray that all take notice. I pray that they realize in time that their lives and hearts are not in line with you Lord. Help us to spread the word of God and to speak at any given opportunity about how wonderful you are and of your great promises to sit with you in heaven. Amen

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Boston. God bless and I pray a speedy recovery for each of you.

18 thoughts on “Boston

  1. This has been on my mind all day as well! I finally had to get some of it out through a poem! My heart breaks for them and my prayers go out to them. Thank you for this post 🙂


  2. Boston attack hit us in the face just like 9/11/2001 !!! The reasons for these attacks are rooted into the world order design we are witnessing since after WWII, to have one government, one religion, on currency. It is happening right before our eyes, but most people are not even noticing it. One day they will wake up and ask what did happened. Praying for Boston’s victims.


  3. Loved your post Terry. All I can say is AMEN. Jesus will return soon and those of us who believe will finally experience real peace and comfort. I pray that I am ready and that all I love is ready.


  4. Beautiful post …. Terry. Terrible what is happening time after time around the western world – but we have to live with terror so long the western world have their soldiers in their countries. I just have to ask … reading Vickie’s replay .. don’t mean to be respect less .. but how much time does Jesus need … after what happen at Pearl Harbor …. with the Jews in Germany & Russia … 11/9 … ???? How many more has to die ???? The changes are all down to us that walks on earth.


    • you make a very good point Vivi. As I was reading your comment to Vickie I thought about Al and wonder this every day. How much longer is he going to have to suffer before he is healed. why does he have to suffer in terrible pain every single day………so many unanswered questions for me


      • Terry, when it’s about Al’s suffering … it’s not fair. If it means that he are going to leave earlier than meant to be … why does his end have to be so full painful.
        I understand you have your doubts … but still I think your faith gives you the comfort and strength you need for be able to handle it.


      • you are right Vivi. it is easier with my faith, but it doesn’t hurt any less, the comfort is knowing that he will go to heaven pain free and smiling once again


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