God, Are You Opening a Door For Me?

Parkinson's disease patient showing a flexed w...

Parkinson’s disease patient showing a flexed walking posture pictured in 1892.

There is a huge part inside of me that is screaming and jumping up and down. I am filled with excitement and thanking God for helping me to maybe make a dream come true.

To let caregivers and families know more about Parkinson’s Disease. To have the chance of helping others to not have to travel this long and painful journey to go it alone is a dream I have prayed about for months.

Today I received a comment from Melanie Winrow. Melanie and I met each other several months ago here at WP. She is a wonderful and positive person filled with talent. You may visit her website at;


I was so excited to know that God may be  opening a door for Al, others and myself, I just had to share with my precious friends. Below is her comment to me. You may also be able to see it in the comment section of my latest chapter from Al’s Life Journey, Chapter 6.

Terry, I’m starting my own radio show next week (guaranteed
4000 listeners).  Would you like to be a guest to talk about your
book?  I still keep all your writing (a grand total of 355 posts since I
first heard about you) and I can tell you that you have talent.

Over the coming months I will be doing a
number of charity shows (radiothons) to raise money for both Alzheimer’s
(first) and Parkinsons (in a few weeks time).  If you’d like to get
involved with any of that, you’d be welcome (I know you have enough on
your plate.  Importantly, is there anything Al/you need that we can buy
if we can raise the money?  If so, I’d be happy to do so (for example, a
hospital where a friend lived lacked, of all things, an MRI scanner.
For lack of that, she was sent to Portsmouth as the nearest place – and
died en route.  We would have raised the money for a scanner if we’d
known.  It doesn’t have to be anything that big – anything at all that
would make your life (or the lives of other sufferers easier.

I am thinking of you and Al.
Take care
All my love

48 thoughts on “God, Are You Opening a Door For Me?

  1. I’m excited for you Terry… Did you ever think to then connect to the PD society… Do they ever need speakers to speak who have had personal experience with PD or do they all volunteer…I know they have high profile people like Michael J Fox. …but they can’t do it all?? . Like maybe speak at nursing home/hospitals or other places …just a thought Diane


  2. Look at that! Who says prayer doesn’t work or there is no God? This is exactly the kind of thing that we have been praying to happen for you!!!Thank you Jesus!! WOOHOO!! (jumping up and down and turning in circles!)


    • I am jumping and turning right with you!!!!! I know this is God’s doing. He wants me to do something. I am not sure what but I will be a guest on the show. i already have spoken to her and it will happen!!!


      • Terry, would you be interested in a wheelchair accessible van or know someone who is? Pastor Kerry Mauldin email me with some information about one, ” Wanted to share with all about a 2004 Ford van that is handicapped accessible with lift, and I think a wheelchair can go in drivers place…with controls.
        A board member of our ministry, his brother bought the van a few months ago to use and gave, I believe $9,000 or more for it. He passed away and was never able to use.
        The estate auction will be on vehicles (30 or more including many antiques) this Saturday. It may be a great opportunity to get a handicapped accessible van with tie downs in back and I think even drivers seat. They told me it is white with blue trim… If anyone knows anyone interested, I will get more details…. Want to see someone blessed and able to get around…”
        If you would be interested or know someone else who might be, email me at the email address on my comment, and I will send you his telephone number. God bless you!


    • thank you Marilyn! I don’t know near as much as others including Michael J. Fox, but as far as caregivers and support and the emotional travels I feel I can help someone


    • thank you Julie, I am still excited on this new morning too!! I will be speaking for you and Jo through my heart for the pain that we have all suffered. love you my friend


  3. Terry, what a fantastic opportunity – so happy for you and I know you will be great on charity work. Congratulations. I knew something would happen .. for you.


    • you have great confidence in me my friend. thank you. I know that I will give this everything I have to help others not to have to go through this with unanswered questions and alone


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