Hidden Stories

A life full of secrets

Stories to tell

Saw wars

And shootings

Now broken

And laying

Listless on

The ground

Broken from age

Stories weighed

Upon solid roots

That still stand

Strong and I see

A part of it

Looks like he

Is looking at me

Holding up what

Looks like a

Hand which

Is forming the

Motion of hello

The dead that

Lies beneath it

Is calling to my soul

I step closer

Not wanting to

Injure more than

What it has suffered

I bend down and

Listen very quietly

And the brown leaves

Rustling in the wind

Tell me stories

From years gone by

I pick up a branch

With leaves still tree trunk

Attached and I carefully

Place it into my hands

Holding it gently

Letting it know I still care.

Terry Shepherd



8 thoughts on “Hidden Stories

    • thank you Debbie for reading my post. the photo of the tree trunk is one that I took and it was chosen to be published in a book years ago. I thought it was a strange looking tree trunk


    • I actually saw this dead tree on the way home yesterday. It had a branch that stuck up and it looked like it was waving to me. I thought about all it had been witness to before it tumbled to the ground, and hence, this poem


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