Photography Takes Sorrow To Joy

After I left the facility early this morning, I wanted to and needed to find something positive about today. Aside from my birthday I needed more. There is an area that has flooded from too many rains and I also saw a fat dove, and a tiny little red cardinal.

So I snapped some photos. This usually brings joy in my life and it did. Even the ducks loved the new flooding ground.

floodflood1flood 4In the photo where the viaduct is I had to wait while the tow truck pulled somebody out of it.

Can you believe that anyone would try to get through that deep water? Maybe he or she stayed out too late last night and wasn’t thinking.flood5flood 2tiny red birdfat dove

42 thoughts on “Photography Takes Sorrow To Joy

  1. Wonderful, Terry .. I like when you walk about with you camera, it’s means that you are feeling too. Great shots. My favorite is the close up on the viaduct – great job.
    Flooding is a problem over here too .. not where I live, thank god for that, we only 9 meters over sea level. Didn’t your son and his family come and visit you today ?????


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