One More Behind Me

looking afraid..

looking afraid..

Another birthday

Over once again

Not ready to think

About another one

Beginning again

I have to now say

That for one single day

I turned the ripe old

Of a young 59

I don’t know why

It scares me like it does

But I am afraid of

Getting older

And afraid to die

I look at my skin

And I can see its age

I look at my eyes

And can see the new sag

But on the other hand

I have to think right

I have lived half

Of my life

And it wasn’t too bad

I hope for the best

And refuse to

Think the worst

I will just enjoy

Each day

And live like

It’s the last

Terry Shepherd


18 thoughts on “One More Behind Me

  1. Hope you had a joyous birthday… remember, as long as our life is lived for the Lord, as we look back over the years, it is a blessing realizing they were not wasted years. Then we can look forward and trust that there are many exciting days of service that life ahead. Lord bless you.


    • I had a nice calm birthday with me and my camera and Al. I do hope for better days, although I see my past has taught me to be where I am today. Through mistakes I have found God and that is the goal for everyone, so I am glad for some of my own errors


  2. A belated Happy Birthday!! I am so sorry I missed it I just got behind when in hospital. Hope it was a beautiful one, and know that it isn’t until next year that you officially enter the winter of your years. Love and hugs (((xx)))



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