Standing in front                                                

Of the mirror

Seeing someone

I have visited before

But now red eyes

And teary stained face

Look back at me

As I miss

My baby tonight

Come back my love

Forget what I said

Words were spoken

Before it was thought

I don’t want to

Live another

Night without you

Please forgive

Me for hurting

You so

Don’t make me suffer

As I have suffered

Enough for the

Two of us

Don’t make me

Reach out to

An empty pillow

Please my baby

Please come home

Terry Shepherd



green teary eye

The Visit

Brick Barn

Thrown out of the car as it was slowly going down the road. Dust flying getting in his eyes. He looks at the car leaving more and more distance between them. He takes off as fast as he can run. He runs for miles but the car can outdo him.

He stops and lays down in the middle of the road. Panting and thirsty he has run out of energy. The heat of the remaining day beats down upon him and he stands up and walks over to a tree providing shade and lies down.

He closes his eyes and rest, sometimes snapping at a passing fly. Feeling rested but tired and hungry he walks down the isolated road. Once in a while a car speeds by  and he blinks his eyes to remove the gravel.

He comes upon a farm. He walks slowly up towards the barn. He doesn’t want to be noticed yet. He has a goal in mind and that is to find water and food. He walks along the side of the barn. Staying in the shadows he stumbles upon a watering trough.

He looks around and sees no one and slowly makes his way to the cool water. He drinks until he belches and then walks back into the darkness. He lays down and again takes another rest.

He sees the car in his memories. He feels unwanted and alone. His eyes have a sad look. Flies keep landing on him as to let him know they will keep him company. He tries chasing them a way but eventually gives up. He closes his eyes for a while and then he hears human voices.

He rises and his ears perk up. They are strange voices but yet comforting. He walks again to the edge of the barn and sees three young people. He loves young people. They play with him. They run with him and best of all they pet him.

He watches the children. They are placing food in bowls and he then sees kittens coming to eat. He licks his lips as his hunger takes over his emotions. He walks slowly a few steps and still watching the kids he yearns for some food also.

He walks a little closer and one of the children notice him. The child kneels down and calls out, come here, come here. Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Come on, you can do it.

The voice sounded nice and he sensed no anger. He started to walk over but hesitated. He didn’t want to be afraid again. Come on, come on. The boy whistled and clapped his hands.

He walked slowly until he stood in front of the boy. The boy leaned down and petted his head. Are you hungry boy? Are you thirsty? Do you want some food too?

He wasted no time eating out of the hands of this stranger. The child ran and got a bowl and put some food in it and sat it close to him. The children all watched him eat and one of them filled a bowl with water and sat it down near the food.

After he had eaten and drank all he could he sat looking at all three of these people. One of the kids started to pet him and soon all three were petting him.

He relaxed  and was enjoying what they were doing to him. The kids turned to leave. It was time for supper. They looked back at him to see if he was coming. When they saw he was sitting still they smacked their legs with their hands motioning for him to follow.

He did follow slowly at first and then keeping pace with them let them lead him up to the front door of the house. One of the kids raced inside and yelled to Mom. Come on Mom, come outside. Look what we found. Say we can keep him Mom. He’s all alone.

Mom went outside and when the dog and the Mom looked at each other they saw love. She slowly walked over to him and let him sniff her fingers. He sat still and then licked her fingers showing his approval.

Who do you belong to you beautiful creature? Are you lost? Did someone drop you off? Why would someone drop off such a handsome dog? Alright kids, we will keep him but if his owner returns or we hear of someone losing their pet we will have to give him back. Do we all understand?

Three years later if you drive by on that lonely road you will pass a farm. You will see young people and cats and a beautiful family dog.

A Cleaning Bottle and Me

English: A plastic bottle with trigger sprayer...

The last thing I usually pay any attention to is the TV commercials. But last night as I was sitting there eating my four Hershey Kisses I saw an ad that caught my eye. It was the new plastic bottles that we buy and use for cleaning. It had a new insert,  the straw I will call it. When you squeeze the lever the cleaner comes up through the straw.

I thought to myself, well I will be shit and shoved in it. Some brainy woman got real creative. She too, got sick and tired of throwing away bottles that still have cleaner in them. Or taking the funnel and trying to empty that into another bottle. Wow, I am impressed.

At night-time my brain has a weird way of thinking. I have put Al to rest. Laid all my bills and worries aside. Now my brain has room to roam and sometimes it really takes off in directions that sometimes surprise even me.

I was thinking about how that straw was now curved. The complete bottle could be used. Nothing was standing in its way from doing its job. I found it amazing that now I can see where curves can be beneficial over straight sticks.

Then I pondered on how we hit many curves in our lives. Our path we hope is very straight. We assume that going down the straight and narrow wins us a big prize. I am not so sure if this is true or not.

It seems the more curves that come in my way I get stronger. If I walked the straight road of life and everything went smooth, what would I have learned? What tests would I have been taught?

I realized at that late hour that I am doing exactly what I am to do. Have issues facing me most of the time. Have some smooth and good days tossed in for relaxation. Lean on Jesus for each problem I need help with. Draw closer to my friendships. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

I may not know so many of you or stand so close to God if I didn’t have the curved bumps in my road. Maybe, I don’t know for sure because my life is not over but when my time is up, I would not know for sure which direction I was going when I pass a way.

But this way, I know for sure that because of a crooked straw in a cleaner bottle that I use daily, I am going to heaven. So I want to thank the person with the brains that came up with this new clever idea for pointing out to me that I can also follow crooked roads. And when my bottle is empty I will be seeing Jesus.