Daily Prompt; Wall to Wall

English: Victorian-era row houses

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What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters,
artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you
trying to create?

I have no special talent in home interior but yet I have heard several comments through the years telling me, You have a knack, you have a talent in making a home homey.

That always makes me feel good to know that once people are inside my home, they feel relaxed. My home is crowded on the walls. You will see 95% antique frames with Victorian Era ladies and children. I have a picture hanging that I inherited from my Dad. It is a farm scene.  Old wooden slat house and matching barn and outhouse. It is not a brilliant photo full of wonderful colors. It is priceless to me because Dad loved it.

In my kitchen hangs more children and country stars. Not singer country stars, the real stars like stars in the sky shape.  Above my kitchen cupboards sit several old crocks and antique vases. Also black memorabilia.

In Al‘s bedroom and his bathroom it is completely filled with coca cola items. He collects clocks so when you walk into his bathroom you can hear train whistles going off and conductors talking. Kind of scary to visitors who are going tinkle and then a man says, All aboard, time to go. Now I always get a kick out of this when visitors exit the bathroom telling me of their adventure with the man in the clock.

His bedroom has so many clocks hanging I don’t even know the count. You hear chimes, and ticking and chatting when you enter the room with no live humans in it.

In my bedroom it is filled with vinery and flowers and more Victorian children framed photos. I have one of my favorites over my bed. You may recognize, The Lady in the Swing. My bathroom holds a library table and wooden crates and an antique barber cabinet.

So I guess my house is simply old. Filled with old things that others may never want in their homes.  When you walk into my front door you are welcomed by two small Christmas Trees decorated in white lights and gold ornaments and laces. You will see various sizes of crocks that old-timers kept their brew in and old cookie jars where they stashed their money.

Don’t worry, there is no money in my jars, just plenty of old stuff lying around and maybe a spider here or there. Don’t forget the magic password when coming up to ring the doorbell. Or the ghosts will be there to scare you off.

#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt


Birds scrambling

The same going

On inside my head

Thoughts going

Nowhere everywhere

Fluttering as the

Wings of birds

Going in all


Please land

Please find space

Settle down

Breathe slowly

Place thy hand

Over the chestbone

Feel the heart

Beating calmly

Wild scenes

Turn into calming

Seas with white

Seagulls flying

Easily ore’ the

Waters streaming

As if in complete

Control of

The day

Ahead of them.

Terry Shepherd