17 thoughts on “Please Help, Only if You Can

  1. Oh Terry, that I could give and just wipe this worry away. Please be patient for I don’t thnk in the end he is going to owe this. and if for some reason it turns out he does one of two things will happen, he will continue to go deeper in debt or he will get to come home, so don’t stress. You are not responsible for this debt and I know your pride says you don’t want AL to be in debt but the system has placed him in that position it is not something he did specifically. There are so many that are in this same position so realize God will provide. Love and Hugs (((xx)))


  2. I really wish I was in a position to do more than pray, Terry — prayer is so powerful, and God knows our needs. Extra cash does not come easy when on a fixed income, but I plan to try to see what I can eke out at the beginning of the month. Hang in there, girl.


    • prayer is more powerful than all money in the world, but i have to use every avenue I can to try to help Al. I appreciate your prayer and even wanting to help. If you do help even the smallest amount helps Becky. Don’t worry if you can not. I am not the type that will be offended. We are all on budgets


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