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Is life worth living

Can we see afar

When all is so

Destitute and the

Will is gone

No reason to live

When the only

One I loved is

Now resting

Over there

Among the old

Oak trees

While she is at peace

My mind is so jumbled

I want to be with her so

But I know I can not

How can I go on

Without her

Please I pray

Big blue ocean

Wipe a way my tears

And take my pain a way

Take me to another

World where I will feel

Nothing……………..                                                                   pictureitandwrite2copy-1

Terry Shepherd


14 thoughts on “Picture it & Write/ Ermiliablog

  1. Thanks for the related article, the Two Way Poem was actually posted on Ermiliablog & I was in awe and reposted it in AWritersFountain, I will come back and read this after I have posted my contribution.


  2. A great one, Terry. Very bittersweet and romantic. I can’t fathom living without my dearest partner. Loved your perspective on the photograph this week. Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda


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