Blood That Follows

In my family Al and I had very few blood relatives. I know that to some this isn’t very Blue_candleimportant. To me it was, because I liked knowing that I belonged somewhere.

Al and I had our dad and my dad’s one sister and my dad’s mother.

I had stored a bowl that was left to me by my grandma and I received it this weekend. I also have photos of my family. I thought I would share with you. It also gives you a little bit more insight as to why my brother means so very much to me. He and I are real brother and sister.

grandma's bowlThis belonged to my grandma’s side of the family. I will treasure it always.

alvin and meThis is Al and me after we started our new life with our dad and stepmom.

alvin graduation pictureThis is Al on his graduation day.

dad's dadThis is my dad’s dad.

grandma and grandpa taylorThis is my grandma and my real grandpa.

four generation picThis is a generation picture. My dad is the baby in the photo.

my mom and dadThis is my stepmom and my dad about five years before they passed a way.

my kids when they were youngThese are my kids when they were young.


24 thoughts on “Blood That Follows

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  2. Oh, I love the photos–especially the old ones. I have copies of old black and whites of family that has passed and ancestors I never knew all over this motel room. I know that they would love me (like my late grandparents) despite being sick, unlike the blood family I’m stuck with now. The good ones always go too soon. In some cases, blood is thicker than water I guess. Love your bowl, btw!


    • Blood is not always thicker than water. I just wanted it to be. The best memories I have are with those that are not direct blood line. Some of the saddest memories I have are from the blood line. We do not always get what we wish for, we are not always what others consider normal. We grow to accept and adjust what we have been dealt with when we were an innocent babe and others were making our decisions and directing our path before we were able to speak. I think that bowl is gorgeous too!


      • Well said. You have a reference to my blog’s name in there! Lol. I wish I could learn to accept more–it’s part of the 5 stages of grief for having a chronic illness, but I’m so stubborn and just stuck in the mud.

        I could design a room around that bowl with all those colors. Love it! Color brings me back to life…


      • you and I think the same. One bowl, and a whole different room arrangement. I would love to see a drawing with this new room


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