Photograph In My Mind

Soldiers Gather for Twilight Vigil at Fort Hood

Please don’t cry

When I turn a way

For I must go

And this you know

I have to do

What is right for me

I must serve

In the  military

Please dry your eyes

And smile for me

Let me savor

It in memory.

Terry Shepherd


No More Joking

I swear for the last time I am not going to make remarks or joke about things anymore. It always comes back to bite me in the rear.

One time many years ago I prayed for so long to lose weight. I got my prayer answered but it wasn’t God answering. I got deathly ill. I had a rotten gallbladder, gang-green and too many gallstones. I lost a ton of weight, in fact I almost died.

Another thing I joke about is when you see me skinny or looking just right, I will be sick. Now it is my brother who is losing weight. He lost 7 pounds two weeks ago. Last week he gained three pounds back, and this week he has lost 9.2 pounds.

No one seems to know the answer. Not the doctors or the nurses. I am wondering if it is the new internal tremors along with the outer tremors we see.

Is it the journey of Parkinson’s in itself? I am no longer laughing………….alvin and meLonely_candleI am thankful now that Al has some extra baggage on him. It is allowing him more time.










FWF Free Write Friday

Diamond Simulant, Simulated Diamond, Diamond


Your FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

lazy – rain – perspective – glint – somber – trinket – static

Standing under the rain drops

Crying out to the Gods

A glint of bright light

Lights up the skies

Flashing shadows and sparks

On the trinket upon her finger

As her eyes looked at it

A different perspective

Could be written

Spreading her arms

Wide going around

In slow lazy circles

No matter how or

Where her mind wandered

The static remained strong

Her feet planted

Firmly on the ground

She was beginning

To come out of her

Drunken atmosphere

Somber surrounding her

She knew she was

In love

She had just been

Proposed to

And had said yes.

Terry Shepherd


Something Happened

It was 4:45 am and I was sleeping sound. I awoke with my eyes wide open. It was still dark Blue_candleand I was getting ready to turn the light on to see what time it was. When I moved my hand off the extra pillow I felt something.

It didn’t startle me like a crawling bug. It felt like jewelry.

A little over five years ago I wore this gold cross  necklace  during the year that I took care of my Dad. A few months after his burial I retired the necklace and have not looked at it since.

I felt whatever it was and put it in my fingers. Turning the light on I looked at what had been placed on my pillow and there was the cross.

I was not dreaming any of this. I was truly awake as I knew what time it was. I had changed the sheets yesterday. I had also used this extra pillow to  prop my head up to watch TV last night.

I always lay the extra pillow right beside my pillow I actually use for sleeping. So there was no way in this world that the cross necklace could have been there. But yet, there it was. I kept it in my hand and took it with me to use the lady’s room.

I was just trying to figure out what was going on during my sleep when I felt a tug at my heart. It was saying, put it on, just put it on.

So I put it on and then without thinking I looked up at the ceiling and said out loud, I am ready Lord. I am ready for whatever it is that you want me to be ready for.

I went back to bed and sat up for a few minutes. Then I shut the lights off and went back to sleep.I felt really calm and was not even anxious. Sleep came easily.  When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, the necklace was still around my neck.

I thought of my Dad and went back in time. I won’t take this off for a while.

Lord almighty

You have mysterious

Ways that you

Work and I will

Not even pretend

To understand

Your ways.

For whatever

Reason you or

A guardian angel

Placed this object

For me to see

And wear

I know without

A doubt you are

Here with me

Always and

By my side

Through my

Walk on this

Journey called

My life.

Terry Shepherd



Today is Al, my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday little Brother. I love you so much!