No More Joking

I swear for the last time I am not going to make remarks or joke about things anymore. It always comes back to bite me in the rear.

One time many years ago I prayed for so long to lose weight. I got my prayer answered but it wasn’t God answering. I got deathly ill. I had a rotten gallbladder, gang-green and too many gallstones. I lost a ton of weight, in fact I almost died.

Another thing I joke about is when you see me skinny or looking just right, I will be sick. Now it is my brother who is losing weight. He lost 7 pounds two weeks ago. Last week he gained three pounds back, and this week he has lost 9.2 pounds.

No one seems to know the answer. Not the doctors or the nurses. I am wondering if it is the new internal tremors along with the outer tremors we see.

Is it the journey of Parkinson’s in itself? I am no longer laughing………….alvin and meLonely_candleI am thankful now that Al has some extra baggage on him. It is allowing him more time.










20 thoughts on “No More Joking

  1. I love the photo, too. I should imagine those tremors would act like exercise and burns off calories faster than Al is taking them in at times. I think it is probably a good thing he has some extra weight, but hopefully he will not lose much more.


    • that’s what I fear. I agree he can lose some weight, but what about when he loses too much…….this is the fear I carry, weak heart, bad tremors and weight loss, bad combination


  2. Terry, that is definitely too much weight loss in such a short period of time. I do hope it stabilizes for your brother soon. I can relate to your losing weight and being sick. My husband has lost 35 lbs with not much left but skin and bones. That part of weight loss is so, so sad. Prayerfully thinking about you and your brother!


  3. What is the doctor saying about … the weight lost???? Also there is medicine that will make him stable his weight. This isn’t right even if he has Parkinson’s – to lose weight that quick, something has happen, even if he are overweight – there must be a reason for it and they should look for it … not blame everything on the disease.


    • the doctor was notified Friday but I have heard nothing back as of yet. I am thinking it is his internal and external tremors but I don’t know. he can afford to lose weight but will he stop losing at some point……..that is my question and concern


  4. Love the photo of you and Al as kids! I hope they are able to figure out what is causing the weight fluctuation in Al and do something for it — Al sure does have enough to deal with. Still praying for you both.


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