Daily Prompt; The Glass

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Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

This is something I struggle with more than I care to admit. I want to look at the glass as half full. I try really hard to see it with an abundance of goodness throughout each day.

I let my mind grow weak and weary at times. When this happens the glass looks more on the empty side.

It is the outlook on life that keeps us healthy and wise. To wake up each morning saying, thank-you God for a new day of sharing your goodness.

Having a good glass of pure positive is a wonderful way to stay strong living daily challenges. You see sunshine when it is raining and dreary outside. You understand riches although you are standing in your kitchen holding the last slice of bread.

You can have squabbles with your mate and yet still say, I’m sorry.

I know all this and yet the first time Al is having a bad day or we are on our way to the ER once again, I let that glass drop below the half mark. I begin to fret and worry that he will not recover.

You see, if I looked at it as half full I would know and understand that my powers are limited. I would realize that Al is in God’s hands and not mine. All my worrying and making myself want to run and hide would not happen.

I am a mere human walking this rugged road here on earth. I am a born sinner. I react before praying. I thank God that he forgives my sins. Many a time has he lifted me up into his arms and brought comfort when I can find no inner peace on these bumpy paths.

God wants me to look at the glass as full. He wants me to understand that no matter what is going on around me, I am safe with him. He wants me to see that he will walk me through life and I should lay my worries a side.

I won’t sit and beat myself up for being weak. Why should I? It would only wear me down quicker and  maybe help toss me in the hands of ones who hate us.

I sometimes ponder on what makes me wake up some mornings with a bright sunshine in my inner soul. Maybe it is because I didn’t receive any late phone calls from the facility. Or maybe it is because I didn’t cheat and eat sugars that day. Or maybe it is because before I closed my eyes the night before, I talked to God. He loves us, he hears us, and he is always by our side. He knows I want that glass half full.

Picture it & Write; May 5/2013


When Kaylee was born she came with a roar. She was screaming as though she had been frightened for her life.

As days went by she would cry at the very moment we all thought was calm. She was like a roaring wave coming closer and closer. If you got too close the wave would suck you under.

Doctors and specialist began the hunt to learn what made this beautiful baby act like she was mad at the world. Tests came back negative. Doctors were scratching their heads. It was as if they were all sitting on a ten-year old tree stump.

At the end of a long journey of failed attempts, it was agreed that this precious child just had one of those personalities. Weeks turned into months and soon Kaylee was old enough to start eating finger foods.

There were many days where the parents along with baby Kaylee enjoyed many meals together. Then there were others, where Kaylee was fed first, leaving cold food for the adults to eat.

Many nights were spent with hearing cries coming from a room at the top of the stairs. It wasn’t the baby. It was the mother. Exhaustion and stress from trying to understand what had gone wrong finally tore at her soul. In order to strip herself and start with a new heart she would cry herself to sleep.

On one trip to the grocery store Mom bought a box of Fruit Loops. The next morning instead of giving the usual jar of baby food she placed the colorful rings in a bowl and sat it on Kaylee’s high chair tray.

Kaylee studied the pieces and touched them. She started to giggle then she would pick up each piece and lay it outside of the bowl. She was happy. Her Mom could do nothing other than sit at the table and be amazed by what she saw.

It was as if Kaylee was fascinated by the different colors. After playing with the pieces she then put one in her mouth and soon was reaching for three or four at a time. Mom smiled as this was a rare treat. She wanted to savor every moment.

From that day forth Fruit Loops were the breakfast choice for happiness. Mom studied books and researched the internet for ways to add color to a boring meal. In no time at all, peace was floating throughout the house. Screaming had faded in  memories.

As Kaylee grew older she was surrounded by colorful toys and teddy bears. Her room was done in bright pink colors. Even her clothes were bright and cheery. The parents never knew what color and happiness had to do with each other, but they were happy to do what ever it took.

Today many years later these parents are standing in a large auditorium, taking pictures and clapping hands as their only daughter crosses the stage to receive her diploma. She had soared through college and had been financially taken care of by two scholarships.

In two weeks she was going to be starting her new life in a career of being a teacher, an art teacher.