Child Abuse


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English: This is a map of Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA which highlights the location of Monroe Township. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Second Woman Charged with Battery to Child

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Dept. officers arrested a second Warsaw
woman involved in allegedly striking a 4-year-old toddler. Deputies went
to the residence of Jolene Marie Swihart, 30, Wednesday and arrested
her on a preliminary charge of battery resulting in serious bodily
to a victim less than 14-years-old. KCSD deputies and officials
with the Department of Child Services initially began an investigation
Monday at the same residence that led to the arrest of Sherena Michele
Harris, 26.

Every week here where I live a case is reported of child abuse. Each time I read about this topic my mind just explodes. Maybe it is because it touches my own life when I was very small.

Maybe it is because the punishments are not near severe enough. I have even read cases as of late where the abused child was returned to the home of the abuser. What is up with that crap?

Why isn’t the punishment so intolerable that an abuser would do nothing less than think over twice what could happen to him or her? Is child abuse so common that it is now coming out of the woodwork?

Has it been going on for generation after generation and MUM was the word? I was reading the comments about this particular case and someone stated, we really don’t know if they are guilty or not.

Pleaseeee, look at that child’s bruises. Look at the thin body. Take a look at the skin around the lips where duct tape was placed so the child would not speak.

Alright, maybe the person is the wrong person direct, but I bet a million bucks that they are aware of what was happening. Or worse yet a party to it.

So many of us, and I am guilty also, of asking, what makes that child be so difficult to raise?

Well, maybe there is so much information we were not privy to be shared with. Maybe there are months or years of abuse hidden in that child’s mind. Can an abused child be fixed? Who’s responsibility is it to pay for all the therapy?

These are questions I am throwing out here to you. I want you to voice or in this instance, write your thoughts.

What is it going to take to get this to stop? How long does the abused have to suffer? I don’t care if it is calling someone stupid, retard, fatty, four-eyes, sexual, emotional or mental, it is all abuse.

We were placed here by God for much  more than the cruelty that is allowed to happen to humans.

Oh Lord this world has turned upside down. There are many demons walking around in too familiar clothing. Help us Lord. Tell us what we can do to save these innocent victims. Show us how you want us to help. Amen


16 thoughts on “Child Abuse

  1. Some parents should be incarcerated or at least social services take the children as soon as there is hard evidence. I have seen them take children when nothing is going on and then leave a child to die because they are too scared to take the children


  2. I can barely read about abuse of any kind due to it being so prevalent throughout my life. But I will say that those that harm children in any capacity may not get their just rewatrd here but surely in hell they will have to think constantly on what they did.
    I believe we hear more about it now due to the cyber world it is no more prevalent now than when we were kids. There is not punishment strong enough for those people. I do know that in the Leavenworth, KS prison child molesters are kept segregated but they do get tatooed by the other inmates on the forearm with a mark similar to a lightning bolt representing an S so that anyone that sees it will know what they are. I believe the sentencing for them is too light if you beat a four year old someone should beat you ever single day for 4 years just like you beat that child and then I am not sure that would be enough.


  3. Sad to say, but it’s the society we live in these days. There’s too much violence on TV, movies and on the internet. There’s too many stimulants like caffeine, too many additives and preservatives which have an adverse effect of some people. There’s too much alcohol and other substance abuse.

    And to top it all off, usually both parents are working and/or too tired to spend quality time with ‘normal’ family life. People have forgotten how to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. The computer has been proven to over-stimulate the brain and change the way our brains work.

    Most people spend way too much time with new technology and have forgotten how to laugh and play, walk and spend time with Nature. It never ceases to amaze me when I go out the door to walk, at how many people are glued to their iPhone, iPod or mobile phone and don’t even look around them.

    And what is it with young people – they’ve always got a plug in each ear or a finger texting messages.


    • I know exactly what you mean. Even when I am out with my kids to dinner, they are on their phones texting. I believe it is rude. I try very hard to appreciate all the small things in life. Caring for my brother is difficult, so I look for joy. Thanks for a great comment!!!


  4. The answer to this eludes me as well — I agree with Alastair’s statement — too many instances of children being taken from families when there is no evidence and when nothing (comparatively) is wrong, yet some children in deplorable situations (either severe neglect or abuse) continue to live in these situations despite many calls in to child services. Children’s services can have a police officer escort them to the residence if they are afraid. I tend to think their caseload is just too large and that many of the caseworkers have gotten complacent. As far as the abusers go, it is hard to conceive of children being sent back to some of these situations.


    • I know it Becky, but I know of a few cases where the children were sent back to the home, and then the children disappear, are kidnapped or worse. the whole situation makes me ill. the poor innocent babes


      • That makes me sick as well, Terry — I do not understand returning children into an environment where it has been proven that they were abused, tortured, neglected. When these same children are found dead or having to be removed from the home again and are now suffering irreparable damage, I want to ask the caseworkers and judges “What were you thinking?! Did you think it was going to end any other way?!”


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