You Have Stripped What Was Left

dark lake photo

My heart is broken

By words you say

What is important to me

Slides by your day

You came from my breath

And I have loved you always

But you show that I matter not

To you in any way

Part of me has just now died

You have stripped my feelings

And you have taken my pride

Terrible thoughts are entering my head

I wonder why I keep trying more

When it is so easy for you

To walk a way and ignore

Mother’s Day is almost here

And you have torn it all apart

My heart is hurting oh so bad

I just want to walk a way and depart.

Terry Shepherd


10 thoughts on “You Have Stripped What Was Left

  1. broke my heart reading that 😦

    when everything is stripped, what is left is what can’t be taken away by anyone or anything, the things that go to the grave with us.

    hard lessons in life, learnt from experience.


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