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Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

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Dear Mom,

I have seen many posts on Facebook of children wishing their Mom’s a great Mother’s Day. I have read several posts here at WordPress of professing love for our mothers. I am even guilty of writing about you too a little early.

Mom, growing up isn’t easy. Us kids are self-centered by nature. We see ourselves as the center of attention. We are demanding as little ones. When we want food or drink or we have a boo-boo, we let you know that we want and need your attention immediately.

We played in the mud making our clothes dirty. We tracked mud across your freshly mopped floors. We even picked you the yellow dandelions out of the yard, and everything we did wrong was erased and placed with smiles as you picked us up and hugged us thanking us for your beautiful yellow-staining flower.

You were the one who came running when you heard that high-pitched scream. You swooped us up in your arms and rushed us inside to clean our knees when we scraped them riding our bikes.

You were the only Mom who had to go to parent teacher conference and discover that your daughter had left her under slip hanging in the coat closet the entire grading period. Knowing how easily you are embarrassed, I can only imagine how you felt at that moment.

Mom, I want to thank-you for standing up for me when Dad accused or yelled at me. I didn’t realize that by doing this you took the risk of having a new argument later behind closed bedroom doors.

You worked very hard through the years you were raising me. I want to ask for your forgiveness for all the times that you tried over and over to call me at home. Only to find the phone was ringing that familiar busy signal. You were so upset with me when you arrived home, and the one thing I did was lie to you. Stating something must be wrong with that darn phone. But you and me, we both knew inside our hearts that I was fibbing, but you didn’t say it out loud.

I want to thank-you for taking your valuable time to pick me up from the library after you had worked a long day. Or taking me into meet my friends at the movies when I now realize you would rather have stayed home and relaxed on a Friday night.

I want to thank-you Mom for understanding that I needed to make my own mistakes in my teen years. I did do some biggies and you never said I told you so. I want to ask again for forgiveness for the many tears I brought to your eyes. I knew it Mom, when you came out from your bedroom with your Bible in your hands, I had disappointed you again and you were praying for me to see the light.

I want to thank-you Mom for shedding the tears for me. I was the only one who saw them but I knew they were tears of worry and hope that my life would be alright when you and I discovered at the doctor’s office that I was pregnant.

I want to thank-you for taking care of my first-born the year I was so ill. I know that this was a huge burden for you with all of your other responsibilities. You did it all and never complained or made me feel bad.

I want to apologize to you Mom for all the ways I went about letting you know that you were not my real mother while I was growing up. You didn’t have to do it. I was not your own and yet you remained steady and loving until the day you died.

One last thing Mom, I want to thank-you for letting me speak to you while you lay on your death-bed. I know in my heart that even though you were unconscience you heard every word I spoke.

I always loved you Mom, and you gave me the chance to wipe the slate clean and let me tell you how much I admired you as a Mother, and how much I always loved you. It was as if you were waiting for those words you so desperately needed to hear all those long years. Because as soon as I said them, I took a hold of your pale, lifeless hand, and you then let Jesus lift you into his arms.

I love you Mom. You may not have been my blood Mother, but I know you were the best in the world.

With tears in my eyes,

Your loving daughter,


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