A Busy Week

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It has been a busy week. The Ombudsman and I finally made a connection by phone. She was to go to the facility last Friday. She told me to sit tight until she got a hold of me. I have heard nothing as of yet.

I am meeting with the State people this Thursday. Al‘s budget has been set. Now he is going to ask me what I need help with for Al’s care and then he will go to the Day Program Director and meet with her on the same day. The Dept. will tell them what it cost for transportation, Day Program Services, and they will take the budget and make it fit for both of us.

There are also going to be between 30-50 hours that are budgeted too for his care here at home. I have had to choose businesses that will help me to get what Al needs. So it is looking real good at this point.

The State said they want Al home by June 1st. It may not be exactly on that day, but it will be real close.

Al fell the day before yesterday again. The next day he was not feeling well. He refused his meals but today when I went to see him, he felt better, but he was complaining of a lot of pain in his leg.

The facility wants him to go to exercise class they offer, but every time Al goes  he complains for a day or two of great pain. I don’t know if this class hurts him or helps him in the end. I just hate having his doses upped every time we turn around.

He gained one pound last week from the seven pound weight loss he had. I am anxious to see what he does this week. He has big red rashes on his skin where the pain patch is so powerful that it leaves like a burn mark on his skin. Then he scratches it as it tries to heal. It looks nasty but I am not going to worry as of right now it is scabbed over. Every three days they switch his pain patch to a different spot and also the new antidepressant patch he is wearing.

I am also getting ready for a yard sale this Friday. The money is nice but doing the prep work is not fun at all. My living room is a mess right now. I will be glad when the sale is over. Back to tidy tidy for me. I always hated messes. Guess I will never change.

I finally got Al’s scooter moved from his room out to the shed. He says he doesn’t want to ride it anymore. I have to wonder if he is strong enough to even run it, although it is battery operated, it still has some umph to it. He leans so bad I am afraid he will wreck and hurt himself. I am not going to get rid of it for at least now.

You never know, he may come home and perk up from being here. Maybe some things will change and I will see more smiles, or maybe I am just hoping. But either way, they are too expensive to just sell so easily.

Tomorrow I am going to work more on the yard sale prep work, and call the doctor to start getting the list of things started that Medicare and Medicaid will pay. I know that I need a hospital bed. I am so hoping that one of these two programs will pay for an XL commode. I think I can get bed pads, and briefs through RX. If you think of something I haven’t let me know. I want the better part of it here when Al gets here.

My son is going to install a shower grab bar in Al’s bathroom. I have changed the ceiling light in his bathroom also so it is much brighter. I have all  his summer clothes put in his drawers and the winter clothes out. I have some hospital gowns too. He may not want them now, but they may come in handy later on.

I am excited and nervous about him coming home, but in the end, it will be me that spends quality time with him instead of the nursing home. I think with all the hours of help that are being provided, and the fact he will go to Day Program M-F I will be alright.

Like I said, it has been a busy week. Well, I better get back to work because it is almost time for supper. I cooked two chicken breast and shredded it. I boiled some eggs just now. They are cooling, and then I am having steamed broccoli and a chicken salad sandwich for supper tonight. The weather is 80 degrees today. The windows are open. Fresh air is finding its way of clearing stale winter air out. The sun is shining. Al is coming home, and life is good for today.

49 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. This is great news!! It’s hard for me to read about Al’s decline as it reminds me so much of my mother’s challenges in her last years and the memories are so fresh still. You take the good news wherever and whenever you get it…I hope moving Al home with you works out. I think it’s a good call but a tough one. Good luck with the yard sale – we need to do one, too!


    • June 1 will be here before I can blink three times!!! Have to make sure everything is ready for him. The day before he comes home, i will go grocery shopping. What kind of meats are soft, besides hamburger?


      • Well, my mother-in-law has had to switch to softer meats as of last year and it is difficult but sometimes she will take chicken and with her fork mash it down with the juices from the drippings or other sauce we may have. Being Italian, then often cook meat in tomato sauce which is an excellent way to soften meat (and there is also many varieties of meatballs to be enjoyed as well).
        Fish can be very tender and easy on the system. Hmm… Casseroles are good for also softening meat although I am not one to make them often. Stews and soup. I think that the trick is not always what the meat is but also the length of time it is cooked in a liquid such as soup, stew or tomato sauce that make it wonderfully tasty as well as soft.
        I hope that helps Terry.
        Oh – don’t forget Chicken Pot Pie and Sheppard’s Pie!


      • You gave me some very good ideas, and I am going to incorporate the tomato sauce and juice into the meats. thanks so much for the help


  2. I admire your dedication to caring for Al – it’s such a big job and will require every ounce of energy you have to give. But then, that’s what love is all about.


  3. It looks like things are looking up! Don’t under estimate the power that the change of residence may have on Al! I bet there will be a lot more smiles on both of your faces in the days ahead.


  4. Great news … you have such a strength in your tone and a exciting tone too.
    So happy and I hope that it will work out for you … and the help you’re promised are turning up. Will you be able to manage if he fells at home .. to get him up from the floor. Terry, I’m worried that you take too much on … but I understand why you both want the care to be at home. Because when he was home before … you had a nightmare nearly everyday. I hold everything I are able to hold .. for you two.
    So happy that you feel good about it all.
    I’m not tidy … so you don’t want me around the house then ????? *laughing.


    • He can’t come after me anymore as he can not walk. So this is a big fear lifted from me. The help is guaranteed so no more no shows. He is weak but he can argue. More from not understanding. I have learned that when I try to make him understand once or twice to then walk a way as he gets more frustrated and cries more. I used to try everything in my power but failed in that department. I have come to accept so many side effects and issues about Parkinson’s that I am a little more calm. His heart is the biggest worry for me. It will be hard but I think I can do it with all the help. If he falls and I can’t get him up, I guess I call for help. Of course you can come here, messy or not. I know how to use a sweeper. LOL


      • Okay, you seems to … be on top of everything …. when it comes to to the worries about his heart … you can get some training free of charge .. how to get a heart back – can be worth it. Sometimes not even an ambulance on the drive way can save a heart that has given up.


      • this is very true Vivi, I have learned and accepted that his heart is tired from the tremors, and I have to be ready to accept all new changes


  5. Lifting you up in prayer for strength as you prepare for this next chapter, Terry. Glad to hear some positive news reported here…I hope Al is happier being back with you and that this will be good for both of you 🙂


  6. You are a busy bee, but there is alot to think about, I guess. You seem to know everything though. Glad to hear that it will be soon and you are well prepared for it. Wish you luck with the yard sale, I have stuff you could sell but it is bit hard to throw it over to America. I am giving it to the British Heart Foundation, they can use it too and it is for a good cause. All the best but also rest and sleep well!


    • If you were here, you could definitely place your items in the sale. I will pray for no rain. there is a light chance. I have been working on Al’s return for quite a while. I am too old to do it all in one day. LOL


  7. Alls well with the world today for you…Isn’t it a good feeling…Having a date…when to expect Al… will let your mind settle a little…The unknown is so hard…Best to you Terry!…and sell everything!


    • It is a huge relief to know pretty much when he is coming home. I have to sell it all or give a way the ending things. I am not going to haul all that stuff back inside!!! LOL


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