Just Call Me Gabby

English: Ad for I Love Lucy baby doll.

English: Ad for I Love Lucy baby doll. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I have all my yard stuff, crap, things, hehe, all priced. Wow, that is a tedious job. My living room looks like a child’s bedroom. Stuff all over the floor.

I found more of Al‘s short-sleeved and tank-top shirts and a few more pair of shorts. I put all those a way in his chest of drawers.

I test drove his wheelchair. I wanted to see if it would fit through the bathroom door, and thank-you Lord, it fit. I can fit it right up to the potty.

I made this fabulous meatloaf recipe for supper. I found the recipe on Facebook. It is so super easy, a child could make it. Want to know how to make it? Sure you do.

One pound of ground chuck

One egg

One cup of water

One package of Stove Top Dressing.

Mix and put in loaf or small square pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

For me, I added some crumbled real bacon pieces I cooked up extra this  morning. I also added a small can of mushrooms.

Oh my gosh, this was so perfect. The entire time it was baking I could smell it throughout the house. My mouth was watering. When it was done I noticed it held together perfectly. The taste, well let’s just say my taste buds were throwing a party.

I swept all of my floors. I hope that the man tomorrow coming to see me will recognize that I am having a yard sale the next day and take pity on my messy floor. Hey, I left plenty of room for him to walk through. Who knows, maybe he will see something that catches his eye and he will just have to have it. LOL

I have had my shower, dishes are done. I played my favorite game on Facebook, Candy Crush Sega. Do you play it? I am so addicted to it; it is pathetic.

Well I am ready to close my evening. I will sit in my comfy chair here at the computer and play until I tire of it and then  head to bed.

This meeting tomorrow is going to be two  hours long. It is the only thing I can not prepare for. What do you think he is going to ask me about? My life is so simple, hopefully I will pull all the right answers out of the rabbit hat.

I would just utterly die if I was the one who kept Al from coming home.

One more week I think for American Idol. I usually watch it each winter. I like both girls that are remaining. Now it is over for the evening and You Think You Can Dance has started for its season. I usually don’t watch competition shows. My TV consist of Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, Young n the Restless, Antique Roadshow, News and the rest I don’t mess with.

I have the TV on most of the time but just for the noise. Ok, well I am done chatting. If I say anything else, I will bore you. So have a good night all. Big hugs

My Awesome God

Twilight in the Wilderness, (1860), Cleveland ...

Oh, alas I cry out to you

Oh my God how

Awesome are you

That you have listened

That you have responded

To my many prayer

Request. I get down

On bended knee

And thank-you

My awesome God

For never leaving me

Nor straying from  me

In a wilderness so bleak

And naked with no clothing

To cover my bared soul

For thou has promised

Over and over

That you love me.

Oh my awesome God

How can I ever thank-you

For no words do I have

To show my humbleness

And my deep feelings

For you my Lord.

Thank-you from

The deepest of my heart.

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt; The Interview

Oliver Herford illustrated the fairy godmother...

http://dailypost.wordpress.com, DP, Daily Post

Interview your favorite fictional character.

Me; Now I know from my own childhood that you are a wonderful person to dream about at nights, can you explain why this is so?

Her; Well, I have been around for many years. People and adults see something in me that they wish for their very own.

Me; And what would that be, can you be more specific.

Her; Well we all want life to be happy and peaceful. When people look at me and hear my voice, they become instantly happy.

Me; What is it that children and adults see in you that are the same?

Her; My voice is probably my biggest asset. It is soft-spoken. My tone comes across as caring and delightful. It is not a high-pitched voice, so when children hear me, they seem to relate very easily. When adults are having rough patches in their day, my voice becomes soothing for them. I believe it takes them back in time to a more joyous day.

Me; In today’s world, fashion makes a big statement. Your clothes never seem to fade away. In fact, anytime I have seen you, your clothing is always the change. How can that be?

Her; I symbolize softness, purity, trust and love. It is the ingredients to a happy soul. Safe and secure is something we all crave, even more as we age. Why change something that works for the name of fashion? When people look at my dress, they quickly recognize me. There are no doubts that I am no one other than who I always was.

Me; That is a beautiful quality, and I love your statement. One of my final questions is, how do you stay so trim and who does your hair?

Her; (giggling) Oh that is easy enough to answer. I use only natural ingredients in my foods that I eat. I would never consider eating anything that came out of a box. I omit salt, and I make everything myself. I try very hard to incorporate a color of the rainbow in each day’s menu. As far as my hair? That is the easiest of all. I just wave my magic wand over my head and sprinkles of fairy dust fall in place holding each of my locks for the entire day.

Me; Well this certainly has been the most delightful interview I have done in some time. I want to thank-you for being my special guest today. You realize the world is growing by leaps and bounds. Would you care to let the babes know your name so they can carry the same feelings we all have done for so many years?

Her; Well certainly my dear. I am no other than your Fairy Godmother.