The Secret’s Out

I brought in

Your favorite meal

In hopes that it would

Make telling you easier

For me. I smiled

When I saw you

But you never

Smiled back

As the pain was

Overpowering your

Will to live

I choked and

I swallowed hard

And after we ate

I told you the

News that it was

Going to be yet

Another month.

Your shoulders dropped

And your tears did fall

My own heart

Fell and shattered

On the floor

I held your hand

And professed

That I care

That the day

The second that

I could take your arms

And help you into

The car I would do

It. We both shed tears

Although I promised

I would not but when

Yours fell so did mine

Baby brother I promise

You it hurt me more

To tell you of this delay

You wanted me to stay

But your spirits had dropped

I sat you in your chair

And watched you drift

Off to sleep then

I tiptoed out


I love you Bud

I truly do.

Terry Shepherd


A Great Moment in My Life Award


Billie has nominated me for this Best Moment Award. Thank-you and big hugs Billie for thinking of me during your nomination process.

I have accepted this award before so instead of going on and saying repetitive things about myself, I will say the rules and nominate. I will also give you little pieces of me through photos that I take, and show you some of the awards I have received.

Thanks to all for the love and support you have given to me through this past year.

There are two simple rules for this;

  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video or a written speech post
  2. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers

My nominations are;




wordpress-family-awardwonderful team awardinspiringblogawarddragonsloyaltyaward1pink liebster awardfamily-of-bloggers-awardreadersappreciationversatile blogger award 2maxine1.jpegexalting christ blog awardshine on awardreality-blog-awardliebsterawardbeautiful-blogger-award2blog of the yearsuper-sweet-blogging-award21very-inspiring-blogger-award

sun peeking out

sun peeking out

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