The Secret’s Out

I brought in

Your favorite meal

In hopes that it would

Make telling you easier

For me. I smiled

When I saw you

But you never

Smiled back

As the pain was

Overpowering your

Will to live

I choked and

I swallowed hard

And after we ate

I told you the

News that it was

Going to be yet

Another month.

Your shoulders dropped

And your tears did fall

My own heart

Fell and shattered

On the floor

I held your hand

And professed

That I care

That the day

The second that

I could take your arms

And help you into

The car I would do

It. We both shed tears

Although I promised

I would not but when

Yours fell so did mine

Baby brother I promise

You it hurt me more

To tell you of this delay

You wanted me to stay

But your spirits had dropped

I sat you in your chair

And watched you drift

Off to sleep then

I tiptoed out


I love you Bud

I truly do.

Terry Shepherd


23 thoughts on “The Secret’s Out

  1. The love expressed made my heart shiver. I said it before and I must say it again now…you are not only a wonderful sister you are also a wonderful person. God bless you and your brother.


      • No need to thank me for the truth. It is there for you to know by just looking at your actions and feeling what is in your heart…I just pointed them out. May you find peace and rest tonight knowing that.


    • Oh Paula, Hi!!!!! Al has been becoming more and more depressed to the point that doctors have him now on two depression medications. He is coming home and we were told it would be June 1, but yesterday I had to tell Al that it won’t be this way. It could be a month to month and a half yet. It broke my heart to tell him. I am afraid the longer he is forced to stay there, the sadder he will get.


      • Oh no! I’m really sorry, Terry. But at least in time he will be back in the arms of someone who truly cares about him. I admire your fight and courage for someone you love so deeply. Hugs Terry….Paula xxxxx


  2. I’m so sorry that things are moving so slowly for you. I don’t think you should worry about shedding tears with Al. I know you want to remain upbeat for his sake, but there are times I believe it is OK to share tears with him so he realizes at some level how deeply this is affecting you, too. God knows best and He is in control. Try to rest in Him and find His peace. I’m praying that His love will envelop both you and Al in such an amazing way that the weight of this whole situation will seem lighter.


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