Daily Prompt; Too Big To Fail

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I always wanted to start something, but I am too shy to let others know. Even writing this makes me humble myself, as insecurities tend to run through me, but way down deep inside, I know I can do it.

I was the regular housewife with kids that sold Tupperware, and Amway. It was fun, but the ones who made the big money were the people who worked well above normal hours. I felt like I was putting too much effort for too little return.

I had an antique store for a few years. I loved it. Antiques were in my blood and still are. If I could do anything I wanted and was guaranteed not to fail; it would be a wonderful day here on earth.

Being able to take care of my brother, deal with life’s ups and downs and still succeed is the closest thing to heaven.

I would love to open up another antique store with an adjoining building for an auction house. I could buy and sell through the auction or have the choice of placing pieces in the store.

The other idea that I have had for years was to open up an agency. A health-care agency. I would utilize all ages. The younger generation would be closely looked at in their backgrounds. The resume would never be required. Instead I would have a timely interview with coffee and donuts and find out what your goals are and what your heart is really like.

You would be going to people’s homes and doing light cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, and fixing meals. You would be required to assist in bathing. There would be one half hour before you did any physical work where you would have to sit down with the patient and chat. Let them know you care. Brighten up their day by reading to them, or let them talk about their past.

For the older generation, have you ever sat and listened to their stories? They have a wonderful past to talk about. These great people have something lonely hearts need and desire, company. This would be on a volunteer basis, with perks included.

I would be handing you coupons for restaurants, or a ticket to a play or musical. Maybe a dinner out with a companion.

There is a  need for this in all areas. As the government programs are being sliced, more and more families are caring for members in their own homes. The added personal touches can make living those last days or weeks more comfortable.

We all need to be able to share a part of ourselves with other humans. With the technology of today, human contact is slipping. Cell phones, texting, computers, emails, even being able to buy stamps online, all make small differences in each others lives.

So this is what I would do if I had a guarantee in life for success. How can I choose over both desires? Maybe I could be successful enough and hire others and have my cake and eat it too and have both businesses at once.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Too Big To Fail

  1. You are not making impossible dreams. You may find that others want to do the same, and you don’t have to go about it alone. Perhaps local churches and non profits will back you financially. Even your antique store can be run from donated items and proceeds help to fund your charity work. I live nearby many retirees and this sort of thing happens on a volunteer basis through many communities. Dig a little, you may be surprised at what you find. 🙂


  2. Dreams can become realities Terry it just takes perseverance. I think at my age I would have to choose just one of those and it would be the antique store, I love and own many. I have to admit I love antiques so much I married one LOL. God bless my friend:-)


  3. Instead of dreaming of these ideas, perhaps you might consider working on bringing one of these ideas to fruition. Choose just one which is do-able.

    Yes, so many needy people could have their lives improved by visits from outsiders just being there to listen and talk, but unfortunately (in my country of Australia anyway), there are now so many laws about Occupational Health and Safety, that people are either afraid or unable to do these things (for others).


  4. These are both worthy dreams. Dreams do come to pass though often through a great deal of effort and sacrifice. But you are definitely experienced in the area of sacrifice as you are continually doing it for Al. I love your desire for someone to just sit and talk or listen to the elderly. Sometimes I think this is far more important than any actual work done for them. Many have little or no family or don’t have family that cares. To have someone care enough to take time just to be with them means a great deal. I do think, though, that Victoria has made a good point about the laws governing this type of thing. You would have to do a lot of research before starting. But if you can dream it, you can do it. May the Lord guide you and bless you.


  5. Terry, you should have something for yourself … where you meet people and where you can find your passion in – especially now when Al is moving back home. If you don’t do something for yourself and will give your own quality time. Take on the caring both at home and as your business can be a bit much – but I think you should go for some of your dreams.


  6. I love to dream too…Most of us never reach our full potential or reach that sweet spot of doing what we want to do…Having to “just do”…but, never…never…give up your dreams…Life is funny…and sometimes that opportunity knocks…just be ready to hear it…


  7. I think its a wonderful idea and would make good business too. You are right with the government program slicing down, more and more people will have to look towards services like these from the private sector. Give it a shot… go for it!!!!! 🙂


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