Prayer Request Please

Weeping Angels

I thought that when I left Al yesterday, he was in better spirits from our talk. Evidently not, as the facility just called to tell me they had an issue with him. He is thinking about ending it all. They said he has no plan, which makes them feel better. It is an unofficial watch for him as if they state in the files what he is thinking he would have to be sent to a psyche ward. Neither them or me wants him to have to go there. It would destroy him.

So I am pleading and begging for prayers. I called the man in charge of his waiver and said that Al is very sad and that he is afraid he is going to die there instead of here at home. He said he will try to rush it on his end but that once it was at the State again, it was out of his control.

I know that Al told me last week that he saw someone sitting in his recliner during the night. He said that God told him it was now time to go to heaven to see Mom.

I am not going to argue Al’s words because who am I to judge?

Please pray that this goes quickly to get him home and that all the angels surround Al while he is still there.


81 thoughts on “Prayer Request Please

  1. Terry1954 & Al,
    I continue to pray for both of you. Don’t let this block your joy from the partial victory over medical care recently. I am praying that you have not heard all the benefits yet, there are more to come. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit Al in his current setting. Peace be unto you!


  2. My dear friend I just prayed for you both. Stay strong you have made significant headway’perhaps you explain again how it is at State level All will understand and calm a bit. A
    L things are in Gods hands’ h
    His will .


  3. just keep reassuring him Terry…and letting him know you are still wanting and waiting for him to come home…
    tell him about all you have done to get ready for him…
    fixing his room…etc. …
    best to you…so sorry the system works so slow!


  4. Terry, I am keeping you and Al in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you Blessings that God puts his healing hand on your both and guides you along the way and keeps you strong. Hugs to you both


    • thank you very much my friend. I always feel like I need prayers as much as I need to pray for others. I know God is watching but after tonight, I wonder what his plan is


      • We never know what his plan is but he does have one in place. He says he will not leave us or forsake us as long as we lean on him and call out to him in time of need. He will give us the strength to carry on and endure this tough world and even tougher job of life as it gets so darn hard. When we can meet him face to face we can then ask him why but as for now we are not meant to know and therefore we must be trusting and lay all faith in him. It’s a helpless feeling to have no control or not know what the outcome or what our destiny will be, but we have to learn to offer it up to him and he said he will not give us more than he thinks we can handle. Therefore we must become strong in our faith, as hard as it can be sometimes. Sending you much prayer and a lot of hugs. Try to hang in there.


  5. Terry, I pray for peace to flood Al’s mind and for God’s presence to fill his room so that he feels surrounded by Jesus’ love and the negative thoughts are pushed right out of his mind. I pray for peace for you, too. May the Lord comfort you both in this trying time. And I pray that the Lord will orchestrate every detail that has to take place before Al can come home so that everything is done in God’s perfect timing and way.


      • it makes me angry too. I have spent yesterday with Al, most of last night at the ER, and three hours today trying to talk to Al. I am just so tired and the way they are treating him like some wild animal, kills me internally


      • Terry, I wish I could do something ot ease your … day and evening .. your thoughts … your situation and of course Al’s too.


      • My friend Vivi, Your friendship and being here with me and for me is more than I can ask for. Somewhere, months ago, I discovered I had found an exciting woman who was full of talent, over flowing with emotions and heart and although you suffer with your own issues you have never left my side. What more could I ask for from a friend. Never forget how much I care about you


  6. Terry, even Jesus when He was on the cross felt as if the Father had abandoned Him – “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” But we know that the Father did not really abandon Jesus. And He will never abandon you–He has made that promise and cannot lie or break a promise. You don’t feel His presence in a tangible way right now and you don’t see any tangible answers to your prayers, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t working behind the scenes on behalf of both you and Al. Paul said in Ephesians that we “are seated in the heavenly places with Christ”. I think the problem with most of us is that we keep looking at situations from too low a vantage point. When we can look “down” on the problem from a place with Jesus, it doesn’t look nearly as daunting. And that is not something that is easily learned or even remembered when we are in the middle of overwhelming troubles.

    Just cry out with the Psalmist “Hear my cry, O God; give heed to my prayer. From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint [the King James says ‘when my heart is overwhelmed]; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For You have been a refuge for me, a tower of strength against the enemy. Let me dwell in Your tent forever; let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings.” Psalm 61:1-4 Sometimes all we can do is cry out from the depths of our aching heart, but He always hears because He always cares–whether we feel it or not. That is why we must accept Him in faith. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction (evidence) of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 Remember Thomas who refused to believe unless he could see. Jesus said that those who believe without seeing are blessed. Let us help and believe for you during this time when it is so difficult for you to believe for yourself. That is what the body of Christ is all about–to lift those who cannot lift themselves; to bring encouragement to those who are discouraged; to pray for those who may not be able to pray for themselves; to help carry one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2).

    You are not alone. God is always with you, and we are praying for you and Al and standing behind you to support you in whatever way we are able. And you are surrounded by “so great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1). God bless you and give you rest and peace.


    • I have taken your words and I am hanging on to them real tight, because deep down inside I don’t want Satan to win, but I am tired, so I will keep these words close to me at all times. Thank u


  7. Terry, my thoughts and prayers are with you both! I do hope peace and comfort comes soon. Stay strong and know there are angels watching over you. Sometimes situations are difficult to understand but faith sees us through.


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