Where Are You My Precious Love

Oh where are you

My precious love

That I may draw

Strength from

Your heart

That I might

Feel your power

And tuck me safely

Under your arm

And shelter me

From the evil

In the world

Where are you

My precious love

Can’t you see

It in my eyes

Can’t you hear

My heart beating

Here, look in

My direction

For I am

Waiting for you

Terry Shepherd


A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A heart being used as a symbol of love.

I’m Tired

I’m tired

For the first

Time I want to

Give up to give in

To fight no more

I feel powerless

I feel like God

Isn’t listening

Nor does he

Care anymore

I don’t hear or

Feel any presence

Is this what is to

Happen, you want my soul?

The system is

Against a peon

Like me who

Only has emotions

And words but no

Way around it

I am tired

And I feel

Like I am drowning

Do what you want

With me for I

Am too fired to fight

English: Sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisc...

I am a snail

Crawling around

On the rocks

Waiting for the

Sea to suck me in

Terry Shepherd