Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A new friend of mine has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

If you have never visited Sam, please feel free to do so.

Here is an excerpt of who this new blogger friend of mine is.

I am a free-lance writer. I like to write mostly about social issues and all those happenings surrounding our lives which affect us in very subtle ways.  Nobody is immune from the effects of crime in our society since the pattern of crime has changed with mobility and technology. We seek security and safety to live a better life. We should be able to move freely in our surroundings enjoying the full benefits of natural beauty and other gifts that come for Canadians as Canada being one the finest countries in the world. Crime, if not checked, can make the same beautiful country a living hell. To avert such a dire situation we have to recognize that it is the police officer who will defend and protect us. The balance of justice may tip up or down but eventually it will level off with the effort of police officers who are greatest of Levellers. And this is the shinning virtue of police officers It is in them to protect us. They are the law. Their strength is imperative to protect the innocent people who have faith in the protection that they offer. This website has been established to make people recognize the fact that a person who is prepared to give his/her life in protecting innocent people is the police officer. No police officer should ever be suspected that he /she will not protect you because it is in their spirit to protect you and pray for your safety before they think of protecting themselves or praying for themselves. Great police officers are angered by injustice in society but are not frightened by it and they will fight head on eliminating injustices for they are the law.

very-inspiring-blogger-award-21Thank-you again my friend!

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