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If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

No one likes being left out entirely. We can smile, and say, It’s ok, I couldn’t have come anyways. Don’t worry, I didn’t think anything about it.

This is one of those times where DP wants me to pick out someone special. I can’t do that. Do you know why? Because we are all unique. We each bring something to the table that another person needs.

I can say a few things about some bloggers. This is the closest I can come. I may not remember each one of you. Part of this I will lay blame on my age, and the other part is because I have new followers that I haven’t had a good chance to know and mingle with yet.


Ute,  has the most compassionate heart and soul. She is so upbeat and positive. She picks me up from the pits of hell and helps me rise to where I need to be.

Rob Barkman

Rob, my dear friend Rob. He is such an inspiration to me. His blog brings a lesson to me daily. He helps me through his words to remember I am such a lucky woman to be living today.


This blogger always reminds me that I am not alone. When I am suffering from not believing I have anything to offer, she shows me I am worthy.


I have never heard a bad remark or a down day for Yoshiko. She reminds me to watch my tongue and say  kind words each day.


My dear Michelle, I swear that she and I are unknown sisters. We share so many thoughts that are the same.


I have learned through Cat that through thick and thin, poor and wealth, we are rich in the Lord.


My dear Angel is sometimes what I really think, my angel. She know just the right words to say, no matter how I am feeling.


This dear blogger friend of mine has been following me for many months. I don’t know what I would do without her wit and upbeat words. She can make me laugh, and cheer me on. She is always here.


Dear Debbie, I don’t hear a lot of words, but the few she speaks to me are so inspirational. She is truly  one of God‘s children.

Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

Vicki and I have shared many chats between the keys. She is a wonderful, and warm person. I relate to her so easily.

Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer
40yearwanderer.com x

When I think of God and how I want to live, I think of Heather. She is a newer blogger friend to me, but has left a deep imprint in my heart.

Mona Gustafson Affinito

Mona is someone I met moons ago. I always look up to her. She is quite a lady. Anytime she gives me positive comments, I sit up a little straighter.


Alastair is my rock. He is a friend that we always need in our lives. I really don’t know what I would do if he disappeared out of my life.

Dr. Johnny. Velazquez

Johnny and I met through Linkedin. He is marvelous. Full of strength and appreciation of life.

Rusha Sams

When I think of Rusha, I get jealous but not with green eyes, but with bright eyes and the knowledge that she lives where I would love to be, in the great state of TN


Seeker is one who always mystifies me. I don’t know a lot about him, but he reads my blog a lot and then surprises me with great praise.

babyjill7…Marilyn Griffin
gravatar.com/babyjill7 x

Dear friend Marilyn. She is the kindest soul. I will never forget her and her husband. They came and met with me and Al. She gave Al a hat that was coca cola and he still clings to it today. She will never know the impact she has made on Al and my life.


It took me a while to get to know Cheryl. I really liked her at first, but I saw that my strength in God was not it should be. Because I let the door of my soul open, she has taught me to trust God and myself. She has shown me that I am worthy of taking up space.

myownheart.me x

What can I say about my dear friend Len. From the very beginning we hit it off. If I didn’t have her to email and talk to, life would be emptier.

Sheila Morris

I love Sheila. She has the most astounding blog. All about her life and her pets. I so much enjoy the cute way she speaks in her posts and I admire her love for life and people, and of course her dogs.


I will never be able to think of Catnip without remembering the honor she bestowed me by having me as a guest on her blog. I will be forever grateful to her.


Becky and I have known each other for a while. She is opposite from me. I am a chatterbox and she is more quiet, but watch out, because when she comments I always end up smiling

Patty B

Patty means the world to me. She has suffered in her own life and yet always finds time for me. I always look up to her courage and strength and the faith she has in God

gravatar.com/pusspudding x

Viveka, Vivi, I don’t know what I would do without her. She has taught me so much about cooking and experimenting with foods. I have learned a whole new world of music. We have spoken through Skype. She has sent Al special coca cola cards. I feel like I could go see her in person and we would just go take our cameras and shoot pictures and then find a great little place to dine at. Love you Vivi!

Lady Lovely

Lady is a newer blogger friend in my life. Her heart is full of life and love and very upbeat


Brian is one of the nicest male friends a girl could ask for, I swear it’s true. Very upbeat and a loving family man.


I can’t explain it, but there has been a soul connection with this wonderful blogger since the first day I met him. I just love the way he thinks


Dear sweet Julie. I connected with her through a friend here at WP. Her husband and my brother suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. It was love at first words for this woman. My heart is always with her in her struggles with Ants and life


Buck as I have called her for so long and I connect because she and I share some past that are common to each other. She is a fighter for a fair life.

Tilly Bud – The Laughing Housewife

If I need a laugh or a funny joke, this is where I head

My friend Jo. I can’t find you anywhere, your link. I don’t know what happened, but you know that Parkinson’s brought you and I together. Thank-you for so many chats and phone calls. You are definitely my Louise.

This is not all of my friends, but I have run out of space. Anyone that is not mentioned, do not be offended. You are very important to me in my life.green-emerald-gemstone-thumb14543806

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Switcheroo

  1. I never expect this from you, Terry, for such compliment 🙂 [blush] > < I do have bad days, try to learn from it, and express it in a funny way A good inspiration to introduce my cyber friends from wordpress 🙂 Please take care of yourself so that you can take care of your brother (Al). God bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  2. Thank you so much Terry for including me here! I know I get so lost in everyday life and don’t get to post often. I am going to try to get on here more often and post my thoughts and a few story ideas. My muse has been screaming ideas in my head and I’ve got to get them down soon, before she gives me a headache. Thanks again for being a wonderful blogging friend, Terry!


  3. Thanks so much for the kind words about our blog – you are our most faithful reader! I have tremendous empathy for you and your blogs about Al. Our wounds are still fresh from the similar rollercoaster ride that was our life with my mother and my aunt for the past year. The good news is you will survive and your blog will help you write your way through the bad news. Onward.


  4. Terry, you got me here – I am overwhelmed, thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words, I got to know you and love you as you are. You are a great blogger to me and I wished we could hug and sit next to each other and have a good chat together. I know we would get on very well. I could bring my self made banana muffins and we enjoy our presence together. You are a wonderful woman! Take good care of yourself ! Much love Ute x


    • Thank you Ute. I felt a sincere reality about you early on. You are a genuine friend who I am sure if we were sitting across from each other eating your banana muffins, we would be the same in person as on here. Big hugs my friend


  5. Thankyou for the lovely words, Terry.
    I don’t think I’d like to switch places with any blogger, because that would kind of spoil the interaction & balance between us all.
    We are all unique and have lots of words of wisdom and life experiences to share with each other.
    Each person (blogger) brings something to the blogasphere which brings pleasure, inspiration, joy and support to another.
    I admire your love and devotion to Al. He is very lucky to have you in his life.
    I admire many of the photographers and writers I follow.
    There are some very gifted and caring people in the world and it’s very reassuring in this world of pain, grief, strife and war.


  6. Terry my dear friend thank you for the mention. You hold a special spot in my heart, as we share many of the same interests but I admire the love you have in your heart for your brother and the struggle you fight e eryday with trying to make others care for him the way he should be. That love and strength I wish I could have that purity of heart, you are a blessing to me:-)


  7. Oh my.. now I have tears in my eyes, I had no idea that I was included in this post Terry, but I’m really thankful that I found you my friend…. and how I wish I could be your blog for one week 🙂


    • Angel, you know you mean the world to me. you are a fantastic friend, a support rock for me. You know how to make me smile, what more could i ask for….


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