Daily Prompt; Freedom of Facebook

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Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce
its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. Is it a website’s
job to moderate the content users post, or should users have freedom to
say what they want? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you
structure it?

When I was a new baby on Facebook, it seemed a pretty cool place. I was able to catch up with lost friends through the years. I could chat without making long distance phone calls.

I was able to fill up my friends on FB pretty quick. I loved it. Each night I was able to sit back and relax, drink my diet coke and chat a way. Soon friends of mine were letting their friends see what I was saying.

FB adjusted some privacy issues and all was well again for a while. Then people I didn’t know started making comments. I blocked some because I don’t like swear words or nudity on my own page. That worked for some time.

But as time went by so many changes were made to Facebook. It grew by leaps and bounds. I think it was way bigger than Mark ever thought it was going to be. It seemed when I tried to make my pages more secure, it became less secure.

Now anyone seems to be able to comment on other friend’s sites. And those friends were friends of mine in the very beginning. I now use my FB for Finding Solutions, which turned into a place to place my stories from WP.

So as far as improvement, not going to  happen. I see naughty words, almost naked people, drunks or sayings letting young adults believe drinking is cool. I see people who believe in God. People who hate God are on there.

And let me tell you that the number one hater thing I see on my pages is the President. I always find it odd that the US voted him in, and now those same are complaining daily. why did they vote him in if they were going to cut him down? We can’t have our cake and icing both you know.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Freedom of Facebook

  1. I only set up a Facebook page so I could read the news of my (couple) of close friends and their adult children. I rarely use my Facebook page, except to post the odd photo.

    None of my friends or family…. email, or read my WordPress PhotoBlog and since I see them only a few times a year, I am forced to read about their ‘doings’ on Facebook.

    I believe in freedom of speech.

    But when there is the suggestion of racial hatred, political hatred, terrorism, porn or bullying, then if it’s possible to eradicate this, I’m in favour of Facebook censorship. But no computer is without its hackers and spammers. Some personalities get their thrills by ‘seeing’ people squirm and become uncomfortable or fearful.

    I guess it’s up to the individual. I have a good internet friend who I correspond with via email. But his facebook page is all about anti-Obama and filled with religious overtones, so I never look, ‘like’ or reply to his Facebook page. I don’t care what Obama did or didn’t do, he is still a person and deserves respect, as do all sentient beings on this planet. I’m not interested in formal Western religions and their restrictive dogma. What right does any religion have to say what a women should or should do with her body (for example).

    No one is perfect (including myself). No one is free from negative emotions. Nobody is 100% good, or 100% bad. We all make mistakes. We are all unique. I personally find most social networking sites too hard to keep up with or navigate, so I don’t look at them.


    • I don’t think as many people are on Facebook like they used to be. There has just been so many issues with privacy and security. I like the way you look at FB. I think I have been a member of it almost since day 1. I play one to two games, talk to friends if they are on, and post my WP stories, that’s about it


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  3. I use Facebook on a regular basis, but I haven’t had near the trouble most others have had. As far as the security settings go, I’ve only run into one or two problems – which I faced due to my own lack of attention.

    However, I can’t say that I’m fond of how many times I hear of troubles from average users. I would say that Facebook fails many of its users when so many have such hardships with the settings.

    As far as posts go, I get the same range of postings as others; from near nudity to self-promotion, as well as a range of religious/anti-religious and political posts. Of course, what I see is what I allow to remain. I take full advantage of lists and the ‘show in newsfeed’ option. I use the ‘show in newsfeed’ option for people whose postings I may not be interested in seeing all the time, but I then add them to a particular list so I can check their postings at least once a day and keep up with what’s on their mind.


  4. so far so good … on FACEBOOK…. the few who were not abiding by my standards…I just unfriended… and They now why…but, yet… they haven’t asked me…
    People know what they say and do…and I have the right to listen and read what I want…
    so as of right now…my facebook buddies are doing pretty good…
    Oh, yeah…I also hide some of my friends things they write where no one else can read…


    • I have quite a few on mine who I don’t know. People invite others to read my blog at Finding Solutions. Others check out my antiques page, but it feels weird to know strangers see what i write, so I am always careful, but for the most part FB is alright with me


  5. I have an FB account, but I use it very little. I do NOT support Obama, never did, but I won’t usually participate in bashing him via FB. Sometimes when the news is so outrageous I just can’t stand it, I’ve broken my own rule. I think it’s important, whenever you join a social networking site, to be responsible for what you read and write. Just because it’s there, that doesn’t mean I have to read it. Sort of the same prinicple as watching TV. I can always turn it off, or change the channel. The idea of censorship makes my hackles rise. If someone begins to use foul language or displays hatred, I can block that person; I can unfriend him. I don’t have to see it unless I choose to. We need to be our own censors.


    • I feel the same as you. In fact I have asked a teen a couple of times to watch their language. I hated blocking them because they were children of a friend of mine. They didn’t watch their language and I blocked them. I don’t like it and don’t have to read it


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