Diabetes And Raccoons

A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton L...

80 degrees with too much humidity and I have been cleaning all day. Put my old work dress on. It is good for hot days and cleaning as long as I don’t have to answer the door.

I have been opening the house wider and wider. I am making sure Al doesn’t have to work too hard to get anywhere in here. I would consider ripping the carpet out of the living room and putting the new laminated wood floors but wow, Indiana is so darn cold in the winter. I am just going to wipe that idea under the rug. I think he is going to be too weak to push himself on carpet, so I will become the pusher woman.

I have not seen Al today. I didn’t receive any phone calls either. No word from his x-rays, so I am assuming they are very slow or no damage internally was done.

I think of him often when I am not with him. I will be doing something here that has nothing to do with him, and he will pop up in my mind.

I have  dusted, mopped and washed down the living room walls. When Al gets home I will have to start smoking outside. It will be hard for me but I can get used to it.  A lot of people I know smoke outside. Only the weather in the winter will be hard, but hey, maybe I will cut down so much from outdoor smoking, I will quit. I can hope.

I had a hummingbird feeder out last week and the stupid raccoons got a hold of it and busted it all to pieces. They drank the sugar-water too. Darn raccoons. I wish they would go live in other trees.

I bought a new one and filled it up and put it on a higher Shepherd’s hook. If they get this one down, I am going to ask them what their secret is for being able to jump so high.

I was talking to some friends on Facebook. I am really struggling with keeping my sugars at a good level. My doctor says my stress keeps my sugars higher. My friends told me that meat, veggies and little dairy are the main entrees. I feel like I don’t eat much the way it is. Most of this week I lived on cherry tomatoes and fresh strawberries. I eat meat. My problem is my cheating. I get sick of eating meat and veggies so I look elsewhere. I know this is wrong, but I can’t seem to get it under control. I have one slice of bread a day. I don’t eat potatoes, but I do eat a lot of cheese, including cottage cheese. I eat more eggs than I probably should, but they help keep my sugars down.

What am I supposed to eat? That sounds good, but what about all the other days and months moving forward?

Do any of you have struggles with your sugars? My doctor wanted to put me on insulin the last check-up, but I am scared. What if it goes to low?

Aside from cinnamon, which doesn’t work for me, what do you eat? What do you snack on when you just have to have something sweet?

My doctor appointment is coming up in June and I really want to get them lowered. I do fairly well during the day time. After supper I don’t take the same medications so it rises a lot higher. By morning this comes back down, but it shows my A1C test to be out of range.

Any ideas or suggestions, recipes that are common, I sure would appreciate. Thanks

31 thoughts on “Diabetes And Raccoons

  1. Know how you feel about the raccoons, squirrels are our problem. Just have o Cross our fingers that they stay outdoors. My friend was unfortunate enough to have one find its way into the attic where it ate through an electric cable.


    • oh yes, the same here. I feed them an ear of corn every few days but they want more and more. little cute varmants are a royal pain in my you know where!


  2. My hubs says the only way to rid yourself of racoons or squirrels is a bb gun or stricnine…I don’t like the rodents myself but I don’t recommend his methods either 🙂 My hubs is a full blown insulin dependent diabetic. When he craves the sweet stuff I have learned to buy him Dove candy from walmart it is in a large bag that lasts a bit more than a month as he doesn’t have it everyday. It is about seven dollars here but he eats one or two pieces and that satisfies his craving for a few days at a time (thus lasting more than a month), I suppose it is because it is such a rich chocolate that it satisfies better than a full candy bar or handful of cookies which used to get snuck into the house before I tried a dove candy at a friends and told him about them. My downfall personally is soda I love my coca cola or pepsi if I can’t have coke. I have cut myself down to one fountain coke a day as it has less syrup than a bottle but no matter as I am eating a vegetarian diet in the attempt to lose weight and to the chagrin of the surgeon who told me to bulk up my protein intake for my upcoming knee replacement. I have to get this weight off and since I can not exercise (or won’t I hate exercise) for the time being I can eat veggies after surgery I plan on walking from here to timbucktoo all in my neighborhood. LOL Love and hugs my friend (((xx)))


    • I love to walk, but too scared to walk alone. It is so stupid, but I am afraid of dogs, so I won’t walk by myself. I will try the dove miniatures and see if it helps. I am afraid that after 32 years of Diabetes, I am going to have to give in and use insulin. No matter what I eat, I can’t keep it down far enough. Thanks for the idea!!


  3. Stress takes a toll on our bodies. I wish I could give you a magic pill to bring the sugar levels to a good number! Tell your doctor you need more than his advice. You need help.


    • He has helped a lot, but I am maxed out on oral medications. I think after 33 years of being a diabetic my pancreas is just wearing out. I try do do well, but usually starve myself to keep the sugars down then gain weight because my body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to what ever I eat. I hate being a diabetic because I love to eat


  4. I am on insulin now. I use an insulin pen. The needle is so small that you don’t usually feel it, and I have only had one incidence when it went too low, but I got BUSY and DIDN’T
    EAT. Don’t be afraid, it really helps! 🙂


  5. Terry, I am glad you wrote about the raccoons getting the hummingbird feeder. We have one and we have a lot of raccoons too. I’ll be watching! Do not let your heart be troubled dear! God loves you!


  6. Diabetes (or any other chronic health problem) is not just about what you eat, it’s also about what you don’t eat, regular meals and regular exercise. Good health is about trying to do everything in moderation. Everyone is unique and despite similar, or the same, health conditions, it may well be that we all need different treatment and a variety of diets.

    I was surprised to see so much sugar, sweet and white flour foods on the Diabetes Australia website yesterday. I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed or function if I ate all that stuff. I’d have severe lethargy, IBS symptoms and be so fat and bloated I would have trouble moving if I ate the foods recommended for snacks and meals on that website. Apparently, it not so much about sugar, Diabetes is about carbs and low GI (glycaemic index) foods.

    I have many food sensitivities and allergies. So I can’t eat what the bulk of the population eats.

    Eating a wide variety of colourful fresh vegetables and fruit, with a mixture of lean red & white meats, fresh fish high in omega 3’s (if you can eat fish), low fat dairy and a small amount of high fibre breads and cereals.

    If you’re vegetarian, you may need to combine certain foods to get a ‘complete’ protein that has the essential 8 amino acids that your body needs. You may also need a Vit B12 supplement as red meat is the usual source.

    I can’t eat much dairy without getting health symptoms so have to take a complete calcium supplement. I can’t eat grains much as I get IBS symptoms and certainly can’t eat any high fibre foods due to bowel & stomach pain, so I eat psyllium with a special gluten free cereal and plenty of vegetables.

    I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes – it’s in all the females on my Father’s side of the family, but all this week, all my blood testing each morning shows I have near normal blood glucose levels, so when I see the Diabetes Endocrinologist for the first time on 11th June, maybe further tests will reveal I have good blood sugar control (with my diet & regular exercise) and don’t need Diabetes meds at all. I had the same experience in 2006, when I had a couple of high blood sugar readings on consecutive tests.

    Personally, I also think ‘stress’ and lack of restful sleep plays a major role in my health. You also need good dental hygiene, (yes bad teeth & gum disease DO affect your overall health, especially heart), regular bowel movements and so on. If your eliminative organs don’t work properly, your body cannot dispose of toxins that accumulate.

    I love food, but fortunately I like savoury food more than sweet food and have eaten fresh food most of my life (as opposed to processed food).

    Learn to cook fresh food and eat regularly instead of binge eating, or eating the wrong food, and you’re halfway towards having improved health.

    …….and sometimes, it’s all in the genes. I have got every single health condition my Mother had and more, despite a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes no matter what you do, you die of the same health conditions that your ancestors did.


    • I don’t have a gallbladder any longer and I eat fairly good foods, but food stays in my stomach for ever it seems and then my sugars go way too high. raw veggies, salads, roughage make me bloat so bad due to no gallbladder. I drink very little milk, I eat veggies, cheese and cottage cheese and eggs. I usually have one wheat slice of bread per day. Still my sugars are high. I am a brittle diabetic, and I think the food remaining in my system too long is making my sugars higher


  7. My mum is diabetic but she injects 4 times a day, so she can really eat anything. Stress and worries are big factors for the sugar level though. I don’t know what is good to eat if you just have to watch the diet.Sounds quite hard! Does the doctor not give you a eating plan or something like that?


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