Fifties Here I Come!

I was born in the fifties. I am sure that I don’t remember anything from those early days. Yet when I think of good times on the beach and music, I tend to go back to those years.

What was it about it that excites me today? Maybe the innocence of people? Less struggles? More evenly balanced budgets? Pride in who we were then? Respect?

I don’t know but I wish I could go back and live as a teenager and forget about the years prior to this and the rap music of today.

Oh take me back to car hops and poodle skirts. Add a tall milkshake and a boy with Ricky Nelson’s face, and I will be in heaven.

The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis - Poodle ...

The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis – Poodle skirt –

31 thoughts on “Fifties Here I Come!

  1. born in 51 grew up with an uncle 5 yrs older and an aunt 8 yrs older so I heard all the music etc. funny how that time is so fondly remembered …maybe it is because people were sane back then.


  2. Born in 1953! Love it! I remember the ‘big girls’ waiting at the bus stop with their poodle skirts, starched white blouses with a small scarf at the neck, bobby socks and saddle shoes! Yup, it was all so swell back then. πŸ˜€


  3. I was born in 1947. More innocent days for me and my friends. Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver I thought he was a dork, but Wally was cute), lots of westerns including Gunsmoke and Rawhide, Walt Disney Presents, and of course, the Mickey Mouse Club. Those were the days, my friend. . .we thought they’d never end. . .


    • I watched the same show. I too, thought Wally was a dream boat. What I wouldn’t give to have a more simple life, less demands and nicer folks as it was back then. Remember when our parents made deals on a hand shake? Now loan companies have to know how many pieces of toilet paper you use to wipe your rear practically


  4. I love these songs and know them all quite well as my mother grew up (in her teens) in the fifties and she played all her old records so often, which I basically grew up listening to. Lovely post, Terry πŸ™‚


  5. I was born 61 ( a flowerpower child, i say)….but I love the music of the 50’s. Also the Rock and Roll, I love dancing it too. The dresses the girls had when dancing where fantastic, I ‘d love to wear that again! You were born in a great aera!


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