Daily Prompt; Bittersweet Memories

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You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

Photographers, show us GIFT.

Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts. Even Easter gifts, Wedding gifts, Marriage gifts. All of these take money.

But I received two gifts that cost nothing. One gift I had to wait for the finale for four days. Together the two gifts brought nothing but  joy to my life. Something besides pain to look at. A longing was fulfilled. Smiles replaced tears.

Here are the two gifts I received this week.

The three stage photos are of my bush as I watched it begin to bloom until completed.

The last photo is my new companion. He doesn’t yell at me or abuse me. He loves attention. He is a mature cat. Very heavy, 22-25 pounds. I received him as a gift today, and already my day has become brighter. His name is Rhino.


start of flowerssecond stage flowersthird stage flowers

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Bittersweet Memories

    • oh no, I don’t want you to have seizures!!!!! Lightning is something I love to watch. It is so beautiful as long as it doesn’t harm others. Rhino is a real lover. loves to be petted all the time


    • Thanks for a great compliment on my new pet. I have needed a great companion and he has been this for me. I love your dog blog. How adorable. I want to thank-you for stopping by and chatting with me. In appreciation I would like to nominate you for the Best Moments Award. I do hope you will accept.


  1. Hi Terry, welcome to Rhino, is it a beautiful cat and he will be a good friend for you. Now the Paeonies have been always a flower that I like so much, I remember that my first house had a very weak -pink Paeonia- in the front yard under a bow window. The first summer there I saw how this tiny little flower bloomed, it was a beautiful -one flower-. So since that day, I cleaned the space around it and it was like magically my love for it. For the next year I fertilized the soil long before blooming and since that year my front yard until I left 9 years later I had almost 30 beautiful flowers I and really took care of them. Nature and animals are always good for the soul !!


    • I think these bushes are magnificent in color and to look at. Rhino was a constant companion yesterday and even slept on my bed at the foot. I love him so much already.
      I have also wanted to thank-you for a wonderful comment by nominating you for The Best Moments Award. I do hope you accept.


      • OMG, thank you!! You know all this blogging experience is new for me, but is very rewarding, you get to know people that are kind and sincere. Happy to accept it. Thank you


  2. Hi Terry I was planning to do the post today about the award, but I don’t know where to find it, and I didn’t get it in the email. Let me know where can I see it so I can do it . Thanks ( How is Rhino doing)


  3. Beautiful cat and those flowers on the bush are fantasitc,I love them and they smell nice too. My parents used to have a bush too and it always bloomed lovley..


    • thank Ute, he sure does love to be petted. Those beautiful flowers that I waited so patiently for, were torn apart by the nasty storms. So glad I got the photos. There are a few more that are going to open but that’s about it for this season


    • my brother is a little bit brighter since they have taken him off of the Parkinson’s medication they tried. But he cries constantly, for really no reasons


  4. Terry – I haven’t a clue as to how I missed this wonderful post. Perhaps it hid away and allowed to shine on a day when I needed a reminder that I too have beautirul gifts arriving in my world each and every day. Rhino is beautiful. Is he a Russian Blue by chance. We’ve had two and they can be so affectionate and loving and yes, they love to get their own way (but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem at your house)! This is a wonderful post my friend.


    • thank you so much Sheri. Yes, Rhino is a Russian Blue, all 25 pounds of him. He is so affectionate, and he talks all the time. He will be sleeping and as soon as he hears voices he is out here to snoop and get petted. He is a very social cat. He is so good for Al and me, but especially Al. I am positive he knows that Al is very ill. He will get on Al’s chest and place his paw on Al’s arm and give him kisses on the nose. Thanks for a beautiful comment!!! hugs


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