Rhino And I, We Have A Routine

rhinoRhino has made me aware of his routine. He only meows when he wants petted and this is about every waking moment he has. He naps under my bed through the day.

He eats a little in the morning while I brush my teeth and start the coffee. Then he pigs out after I go to bed at night.

When I climb into bed for the night he is laying on one of the bed pillows. He immediately wants petted. After he gets his fill he jumps down and disappears out into the living room. After about 20 minutes he comes back in and climbs back up on the bed.

I think he is telling me that the house is fine. He and I can go to sleep now. I go to sleep with his paw on my arm and my arm resting on him. But when I wake up in the morning he is directly under the bed on my side and at the head of the bed.

He takes his toy and his little comb and he cuddles them letting me know that he knows they are his. I swear the way he moves his head around his comb, he is actually combing his own hair. It is so cute to watch him wrap himself around these two items.

When I am petting him, he flops his big body from side to side, making sure I don’t miss one area. While I am petting him his tail is thumping the floor in approval.

I think he and Al will become therapeutic for each other. I know Rhino has been good for me. Not too quick not too fast, but just right.

37 thoughts on “Rhino And I, We Have A Routine

    • I have only had him one week! I am hoping Al will like him. He asks about him so that is a good sign. They are both slow so it should work out fine


    • maybe he is part dog,lol, he is as big as a small dog, hehe. it is as though he knows these items are his and since he is so loving, he loves on his items too


    • Rhino does have a personality definitely. if I don’t pet him when he wishes he butts up against me until I do, but when he is done being petted he looks at me with this look and trots off, lol


  1. Animals are one of many blessings from the Lord that are greatly overlooked. it is as you say, animals can be a great therapy for each one of us. So glad you are able to enjoy Rhino. It is a blessing.


  2. I love Rino just looking at his picture! I didn’t know you had added a roommate. 🙂 I love cats that like to be cuddled and petted and loved. I’m just starting to catch up on my e-mail. I haven’t been on the computer for over a week, and today I had 549 e-mails come in at once and a few have come in since that. So my work is cut out for me. Fortunately a lot of them I can delete after quickly scanning the preview. I’ve read most of your posts up to this one, but haven’t the time to comment on them all. But I have enjoyed reading them. I’m glad to know you and Rino are getting along so well. And he isn’t so small that you can’t see where he is. That must be a plus for you. I hope Al and Rino will get along well. Hopefully it will take Al’s mind off his troubles for a few minutes in the day once he comes home.


    • Sorry, I did that comment too quickly and realized I spelled Rhino’s name wrong. I noticed it just after I clicked on “Post comment” and couldn’t stop it to make the change.


      • I knew that you had that nasty cough and was afraid it was draining you and causing lack of sleep. So glad to hear you are better my friend. I didn’t try to write you as I didn’t want to bother your healing


    • Diane!!! It is so good to see you again. I hope you are feeling well. Yes, Rhino is a lover for sure. When he is not napping he is meowing for attention, all 25 pounds of him. I can barely pick him up. Of course he is snooty like a cat. He will come on my lap when he is ready, even if I call his name ten times he will look at me. Then when I quit calling out to him, he comes. CATS!!! I got Al’s permission before I got Rhino. I explained to him that he is big and fat so he won’t be under his feet. Now Al asks about him off and on and I think he is anxious to see him


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