Daily Prompt; RSVP

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Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION.

I would invest in one more gazebo since the winds took down my other one. I would place a nice-sounding waterfall inside of it. I would place indoor outdoor white lights all around the top of the inside. A special ceiling fan would be running at the top with those feather like blades.

Outside of the gazebo, there would be two tables. One for foods and one for gifts. All the white lights on my ramp would be turned on. My party would be at dusk. Lighted torches would light the path to the crackling fire pit. Sticks would be lined up around the pit for use of hotdogs and marshmallows.

From inside the house with windows open would be nice playing music. Nothing heavy, I am sorry. I have to be in the right mood for the fast stuff. I think this night would call for calming music. Happy music, yes, that is what I can hear in my mind.

On one table there would be cold cuts, hamburgers, hot dogs, relish trays, salads, finger foods, chips and plenty of buns. Silverware, plates and cups; of course all paper so we can dispose right in that fire.

The other table would be filled with gifts. They would either be vintage cars or coca cola items. All decorations hanging in the breezes would center around coca cola.

Everyone would show up. There would be no turn downs. All the people he worked with. All family left would be here.

Soon a van would pull up in the driveway. The door would be opened and the lift lowered. There would be sitting Al in his wheelchair, and the guys would walk  him over to be the guest of the night.

The two men who brought him here would unload all of his possessions and take them to his bedroom and put them a way. I would wave and smile big as I thanked them and watched them leave our home.

The rest of the night would be spent in merriment celebrating Al’s return home from the nursing home.fireworks 4fireworks2fireworks3fireworks1

Seen Through Tears

Can’t you see it in my eyes

Can you not feel my heart beat

Are my tears not visible to you

As I hold my bag

Ready to turn around

And walk a way

Knowing I have

Done everything

In my power

To get you to

Notice me, alas

I have failed

Now I am here

To say goodbye

And as I reach

Out to shake

Your hand

You place

Your warmth

Over me and say

Oh my Cherie

I can wait

No longer

For I have loved

You for so long

But was afraid

You would

Not return my feelings

And yet now you

Stand before me

And your eyes

Speak of how

Your heart feels

This is not goodbye

This is hello

To our love

We will boast

To the world

Forever and ever.

Written by

Terry Shepherd

06/08/2013third stage flowers

A Tear Falls

When we look

Into each others eyes

It makes my heart race

My stomach flip-flop

My feet are light

Like standing on air

You touch my hair

And I embrace your face

Our lips meet

And my body

Melts next to yours

And you stoop down

And touch and my


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