Seen Through Tears

Can’t you see it in my eyes

Can you not feel my heart beat

Are my tears not visible to you

As I hold my bag

Ready to turn around

And walk a way

Knowing I have

Done everything

In my power

To get you to

Notice me, alas

I have failed

Now I am here

To say goodbye

And as I reach

Out to shake

Your hand

You place

Your warmth

Over me and say

Oh my Cherie

I can wait

No longer

For I have loved

You for so long

But was afraid

You would

Not return my feelings

And yet now you

Stand before me

And your eyes

Speak of how

Your heart feels

This is not goodbye

This is hello

To our love

We will boast

To the world

Forever and ever.

Written by

Terry Shepherd

06/08/2013third stage flowers

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