First Day Home

Hi all my friends. I was very upset today. Not with any of you, not even with the facility. I was upset because I had to pay family gas money to bring Al home. Maybe I shouldn’t have been but I was.

With me getting over that quickly I was calmer than I thought I would be. It took me no time to gather Al’s belongings and get them in the car. By the time my helper arrived, there was only one shelf to take off the wall and a three drawer plastic cart left.

Coming home was very warm and I knew Al was paying the price when I looked at him but once we got inside the house the air was on. He wanted to take a nap immediately. I got him settled and then started to put his belongings a way when the Hospice nurse knocked.

She and I spoke for a couple of hours. She wanted to rid some of the extra medications. Believe it or not he is on 18 medications. But when she went through them one by one each one was in three categories. They were either for pain, heart, or blood pressure.

It is amazing at what we put in our bodies to be able to live a while longer when we are ill. I was shocked at how much he was taking but sad that we couldn’t take him off any of them.

Instead of calling 911 to take him to the ER I now have instructions to give him pain medication from here, one of them every hour for two hours, call the nurse on call and wait. In a way it is nice to have your very own nurse involved and at your beck and call, and in another way, it eats at me a little that I won’t be able to take him to the ER in case he is having a heart attack.

But the truth be known, as I said before, the ER trips are for the internal tremors. And we all ready discussed the pros and cons at this point in his life.

The nurse and I discussed routes to go now that they are in charge. I won’t be taking him to the family doctor any longer. Hospice will get all of his medications. It is nice to have someone on my side.

I bet the company that brought the wheel chair and bed yesterday is perturbed. I didn’t realize that when Hospice is in charge they get the medical equipment,  bed, wheel chair, briefs, gloves, and bed pads. Now tomorrow the old company is coming to take back the bed and wheel chair and the new company is doing a pretty good job at being here at the same time setting up their equipment.

Al ate a small supper but did finish it. He had a cut-up in tiny pieces  burrito, cottage cheese, and get this, a donut, one of those dunking stick types. He did pretty good. He didn’t want to go to his room.

It made me feel good that he wanted to stay out in the living room with me. He had me put him in front of the TV and although it was very difficult to hold his head up, I think he listened, but I have to be honest, most of the time he slept.

I finally talked him into going to his room about 9:45, and he is sitting in his new lift chair, which by the way, it made it real easy to get him in it. He is drinking his diet coke, but when I peeked in a second ago, he was asleep. He sure does sleep a lot.

It sure is good to have him home again. I don’t care how sick he is, he is where he is loved and between Hospice and me he will get the best of care. Monday morning he gets on the bus and starts Day Program.

54 thoughts on “First Day Home

  1. How wonderful he is finally where both of ou wanted him to be. I know you are elated just rememberto not try and do everything yourself that is why yopu are provided the help so that you won’t get overextended yourself. Give Al a hug for me and hug yourself real big for me too. Love and prayers my dear one.


    • a nerve in my arm is already hurting because he is so hard to push on the carpet. tight turns in here with the foot pedals on but if i take them off he can’t lift his feet. my body will get used to it. a nurse comes again tomorrow


  2. I am so glad for you, Terry, that he is finally home. I thought about the men who stood in your way from the mean man in your mobile park to the nursing home man who threatened not to let Al go home. All that is behind you now and you can focus on each day as it comes. Take care of yourself and rely heavily on hospice. I am so glad they are there for you!


    • I can tell that their priority is Al. I like that. They are all about comfort and less pain. I am so glad he is home for good, no matter what happens I am here to walk the journey with him


  3. Terry,

    I’m so glad Al is at home with his beloved sister, and I know you are happy to have him. Praise God for Hospice – they are very compassionate and they like to make the patient as comfortable as possible. God bless you, my friend.



    • that is the impression they left me with today. They are here for Al and his comfort. They seem so nice and caring. It is a nice change from the nursing home


      • Yes it is, and when my mom was in hospice, I saw that they are also there for the family, not just the patient, so don’t be afraid of bothering them, because they want to help you through this difficult time too. 🙂


  4. Finally at home, glad it happened after everythng you and him went through. I am glad htat you are together! Enjoy your time with your brother. All the best for you two. God Bless!


  5. I’m just crying tonight, Terry, as I read this. You’ve worked so hard, done so much. I feel like you have a peace now that you never had when he was at the nursing home. Al too! Love and hugs!


  6. Hi,
    I am so happy to read this good news. We used hospice for my mother. She wanted to walk peacefully over into eternity from the home she loved and we engaged hospice. I am still happy that we did that and I sing praises about hospice. They are caring, professional and loving.

    All the best.


  7. Wonderful … Terry, so glad that the Hospice and their staff is now with you and Al, they are outstanding in their services … and you will have a fantastic support. They are so well trained and specialized. They will do everything to make Al situation so pleasant and comfortable as possible. They will be there for you.
    I was so worried about you in all this with taking Al back home, but I know now that you will get the support you need and I know that Al will be taken care of in the best way ever.
    Don’t worry about the not able to take him to ER if his heart failure – don’t paint any ghosts now. Just enjoy your time together and take the day as it comes.


      • Terry, you have great help .. so try not worry about what could happen, Al is very sick .. and if his poor heart want to give up .. maybe it’s time to accept that.
        I’m sure you will be able to do it – if anyone can .. you can.


  8. Glad he is home and that you are able to have enough assistance that you will be able to cherish the time with him. God bless you Terry!


  9. That’s so right — Al is exactly where he needs to be! You are a loving person, and I know Al knows how much his big sister loves him! Since Al’s heart is getting quite a workout, it’s probably making him tired. I’m so glad he can sleep in peace now knowing you are there and staff won’t be pulling the gestapo raids. I’m just glad all the way around that this has all happened, for you and for Al! Prayers for you both, along with big hugs!


  10. My experience with Hospice has always been great. Those ladies were indeed angels on earth. I am so glad you have them to help you so that Al can be home with who loves him the most. You are so unselfish – I consider it a blessing to be your friend. Prayers and hugs for you and Al.


  11. I bet you can hardly believe he is there!…what a struggle…but, it sounds like all of a sudden things are moving in a positive direction…let each day be a blessing for the time you have together!


  12. Terry, I’m so happy for you to have Al at home finally. Sorry I have taken so long to acknowledge it, but this is the first I have had the computer on for a week. I’m still praying for you both and I know the Lord is blessing you and will continue to do so. He will give you strength to do whatever is necessary. I pray you will have times of great joy and laughter with Al and that you will both feel the comfort and affirmation of the Lord. Love you!


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