Versatile and Very Influential Awards

Smooth nominated me for two awards tonight. One is the Versatile Blogger Awardversatile-blogger-award and the other ismost-influential-blogger-e1364230844577;

Thank- you so much my friend.

The rules are to mention seven things about yourself.

1. I hate the show Jeopardy

2. I love watching the news but hate that it is usually always bad news

3. I love anything old, so why don’t I love myself? LOL

4. Did you know there are seven family members in my family tree with the same first and middle names?

5. I am learning that adults can bully other adults

6. Did you know that I never dreamed of being President?

7. Did you know that I have my Dad’s first artist paint brush?

If you would like to share these awards with others, that would be so nice. I want to be nice tonight so I am going to award these two to some others.







25 thoughts on “Versatile and Very Influential Awards

  1. Lovely indeed Terry and loved your answers on the questions, especially the fact that adults can bully other adults. So true indeed and they should be ashamed.
    Congrats on the awards and thank you so much for thinking of me as well hon. I don’t do the ‘award thingy’ as it takes up too much of the little time I have and I prefer reading lovely blogs like yours instead of going around looking to see who I can give awards to and what I did notice is that more bloggers prefer the same, but I will take these lovely awards with the lovely intent and kindness you’ve given hon. Much appreciated and thanks again. Love you for it. 😀 *big hugs*


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