#FWF Free Write Friday

http://kellieelmore.comsea of water

Laying in bed

Buried under covers

Feeling the weight

Of the sea

Filling my channels

My life, being swallowed

Whole, a sinking pit as

A whale opens wide

Words spoken

Heart broken

Buried in sand

Grains filling

My  mouth

Gasping for air

Not wanting to continue

Choking sounds of

Someone help me

I don’t want to die

I want to live

Oh God hear my cry

Please forgive my weakness

For listening to them

For taking to heart

All that my ears have heard

Pull me up

Drain my fluids

Pour in your blessings

Let my spirit runneth over

Let me begin to know myself

To discover who I am

Let me love myself

And let others

Begin to love me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



18 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday

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    • Praise God, I write because God wanted me too. I asked him over a year ago to let me feel worthy while I remain home and care for my terminal brother. He told me to write. I had never done this before except for a scribble here or there. He has allowed me to reach out to others through his words entering my fingers onto WP. thank you so much for letting me know how you feel


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