29 thoughts on “Free Reign Drawing

  1. I don’t know, Terry, but I see a mixed up and unfinished unity. There’s a lot of everything. I see the person: a head with shoulders, but on the right shoulder lies a huge thing, so I would say she has to carry a heavy burden. The right side means the male = active side and represents the future…the moment from now. I think the best interpretation can be given by yourself. The more you do this reign drawing, the clearer everything will get. Good luck 🙂


  2. I have been involved with art therapy for a very long time. What I think you have displayed here besides the phallic symbol is the theme of nurturing from a humanity point of view. It is intertwined bodies but not particularly sexual as much as expressing a desire to be a part of something ( a whole) that you can hold close to your heart. The bottom right represents the symbol of a baby. Could it be Jesus (I don’t know at all) but it does seem like twins. Are you a Gemini? Does Jesus after all have two sides – one the son of God the other a man with desires? Oh my my. There is so much here Terry!


  3. This is very…interesting. Confusing. But I do have to admit I did see the person’s head, and the phallic image (shame on me….I need to wash my mind with soap…..start ignoring the people at work lol). The rest is very confusing. Are you confused about something? Just a thought.


    • after two people have seen something on the adult side in the sketch I looked at it better and I will be darned, it stares at me like a sore thumb. I do not know about the confusion but I have known for sometime that I hate being alone without a mate. Did that part show itself so strongly? LOL


      • I should add a sentence here. The sexual part is not what I have been desiring, but the man and what a man represents in a woman’s life. I sure hope I made myself clear. Don’t want you to think I am a weirdo. LOL


      • I had to ask myself twice if that was what I was really seeing. Life is hard going it without a mate. God has His reasons you are alone right now. But never fear God is in his rightful place as Father and Husband to those without them!


      • yes I know and understand, but what about eating out with me or a good movie? Could he provide someone to fill in on those spots???? haha


      • Maybe He hasn’t found the right someone to fill those spots. I’m sure He has been doing a lot of interviewing on your behalf.So until then He has stepped in to fill the spot until He finds Mr. Perfect.


      • I never looked at it like that. Maybe he has been doing some interviewing. Only he can I think because when I do the interviewing, I find out things after I have been chatting with him for a while that I didn’t like


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